Friday was the release date for my new book “My Descent into Madness.” I am very excited because I poured my heart and soul into this book. I do not have delusions of grandeur and think that I can now just quit my job and wait for the money to pour in. This is a poetry book, and not many people read poetry now a days. The link to purchase the book is at the bottom of this post. I am currently working on two other books. The first is a children’s book, it is all written I am just waiting for the artist to complete his part. The other book I am going to keep secret for now, but I have a feeling that this one will kick ass!
The publishing company; PublishAmerica are crooks and thieves. They have given me empty promises and spew out lies. I started a Facebook campaign. I hope this will generate some interest, beyond that I am stuck on what to do next. I think the best route would be to try and promote this in my area. I am thinking if I make up some business cards, and contact local media perhaps I can generate more buzz. I am working on doing a reading at local coffee house. I would be so pumped if that panned out.

I am going to include a review of the book. Review taken from by Karen Mason

Wow! This collection of poems is not recommended for someone wishing for some light reading. Lundmark’s book reads as an ode to the American Dream gone wrong. Most of his poems are dark reflections on mental illness and a man struggling to cope with the society in which he lives. “Bring Our Troops Home” and “Here” examine the futility of war and how America (and indeed the UK) is wasting money sending young men to their deaths while economic problems back home are being ignored. “The 1st” deals with religion, highlighting that no one is right and no one is wrong.

The poems are harrowing and stark in places.

Lundmark is honest and his sentiments will resonate with many. Although I wouldn’t recommend buying this book for your maiden aunt at Christmas – Wordsworth it ain’t. It’s a bleak look at modern society, except for the beautiful poems at the end dedicated to his children and the book would be more suited to someone who liked to ponder the human condition than someone wanting pretty words.

3 Stars

If you are interested in getting a copy of this book, please e-mail me at


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