At 4:00pm today Satan came and picked up my daughter. This is the first time that Brianna has seen her in six months. She was so nervous, and made every effort to make sure that everything she was wearing was something that came from her mom (Satan). I am so worried about what is going to happen. I think it is sad that my daughter tries so hard to impress this evil spawn with wearing the cheap jewelry that she never wears just to make this douche happy.

The last time that Brianna spent a weekend at Satan’s house was March 6 2009. Since this time Satan has seen her two times for a total of four hours. That means that their visit today will equal as much time they have seen each other in 10 months! Words cannot even describe how evil this woman is, anyone who can just totally fuck up their kid as bad as she did is completely unacceptable in my eyes.

Satan should receive the court papers either tomorrow or Tuesday. I can’t wait to see what her reply is, I am sure it will be filled with lies and utter goofiness. I cannot wait for March 3rd the final battle between good and evil will take place. I will keep everyone updated on this tragic situation.

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