Two or three-weeks ago I watched a seven hour special on the History Channel about the seven deadly sins. A few days later after reflecting on this topic; I concluded that the concept of the seven deadly sins was not to try to save the souls of the people; it was a form of social control. I intend to look at each sin, and hopefully show how and why these sins became a huge deal within the Catholic Church, and Roman society.

I must say that my religious beliefs teeter between; atheism, Buddhism, and Taoism. I find these three belief systems far more believable than some of the other products on the market. I have spent many hours reading about the various religions in our world (I have read the Bible three times), I find this subject very interesting.

In my spiritual journey I have found that religion as it stands is a con, and a form of social control. Religion in its earliest roots was a time when people believed in sun gods, and rain gods. These “Gods” were invented to explain the things they did not understand. For example; early humans needed to solve the mystery of death, to them they felt fear, and they needed to wrap their heads around the concept of no longer living. When one of their tribe members died they felt sorrow surrounding the unknown of death. In this fear and sorrow they created mystical beings and imaginary places to explain the unknown. Karl Marx describes it best in one of his famous quotes.

“Religion is the impotence of the human mind to deal with occurrences it cannot understand.” Karl Marx

Religion; since this early time has evolved into what we see today, and in my humble opinion it ain’t that pretty. I do not condemn anyone for their religious views, and I have no problem having a friendly debate with them, unfortunately trying to point out obvious flaws of logic angers believers. I attribute this to the fact that deep down inside there is doubt, and when you have someone pointing out obvious things, it makes the doubt surface. When this doubt surfaces people become angry, because to true believers, religion is a drug that holds them together, and without it they are lost.

“Organized religion is nothing but opiate for the masses.’

Karl Marx

I digress. The purpose of this entry was to introduce the upcoming seven part series on the seven deadly sins. This is not some college paper, just a few in sites on this ridiculous belief.

  1. I will be especially interested in this series as I loathe religion. (By the way, I wrote my Master’s thesis on “The Concept of Democracy within the Structure of 2nd Generation Marxism.” Try saying that three times real fast!) 😀

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