Before I get into the triple shitty, I first must announce that the date for the final epic battle between Satan and I is scheduled for March 3rd 2010. I am very nervous for this date, I feel like a Trojan warrior waiting for battle. Words cannot describe the importance of this single event, Satan must be defeated!

On to the triple shitty.

My wife and I took the light rail down to the court house because there was a shitty ass storm, and frankly neither of us wanted to gamble our lives with these psychotic drivers in their fucking SUV’s thinking they are king shit. I had no interest in doing battle with these douche bags.

When we returned from the court house my wife had the most wonderful idea, we were going to walk around the Mall of America, do some light shopping and get something to eat. I was excited to purchase something new. You know the feeling inside when your hard earned money goes into some overpriced piece of shit. Well let me just say the MOA has tons of overpriced pieces of shit, they are all over the place, and way too much to choose just one. My wife purchased some work clothes, and we just wondered around.

We were on a time limit, so we couldn’t just wonder around forever, we had to get to our sons daycare. We decided we would eat a real quick meal in the mall. We ate at some place called Twin City Grill, and let me tell you the hamburger was delicious. I would declare that this was the single most heavenly hamburger I had ever consumed! Thus far everything sounds like a kick ass day, and it was. I was very excited for the ride to our son’s daycare, so I could share the joys of music with my wife. I even told her how excited I was for the ride.

Right when we get in the car one of her friends calls her, and she talked to her almost the whole way home. I felt robbed of a happy moment. When she got off she explained that she was in need of a friend, so the whole thing is understandable, but I still felt like I got a little bit of shit on me. The rest of the way home I am pouting, and she is getting irritated that I am acting like one of the children.

When we pulled into the drive way, my oldest son did not shovel the driveway when he got home from school, which means that I had to do it; a little more shit had fallen on top of me. I shoveled the driveway, and after I came in I was parched, and needed the sweet nectar of soda. I open the fridge and what do you know it is all gone. The final shitty shit had hit my face, and frankly I felt a little discouraged.
Now I understand that these are all relatively minor things, but for some reason when shitty things happen in a quick consecutive order it feels like you were just kicked in the nuts. I am over all these things now, my wife said sorry, she bought me a soda from the store, and the books that I ordered from Barnes and Nobel came.

I find it funny that all these great things happened today, and I let this small triple shitty ruin my whole day. My wife always tells me that I am a half glass empty kind of guy, and she is right to a point. I am trying my hardest to not dwell on these three little things, but they are just so irritating. I need to hire an assistant that will allow me to punch him in the face anytime I get frustrated. I think I may just post a Craigslist add tonight.

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