Pride: Is excessive belief in ones own abilities, that interferes with the recognition of the grace of god.

Before I get into Pride I want to touch on something that I briefly brought up in part two about the Bible. The Bible is a sacred book to all branches of Catholicism and Christianity they believe the Bible is the word of God; so I want to point out that in constructing the Bible there were many books left out, whomever it was who put this thing together specifically left out certain texts.  I conclude that if the Bible is the true word of God, but was constructed by man, who cherry picks what works for them at the time. How can this be the word of God? Does anyone see the problem here?

The example I would like to use to prove my point is the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Many believe that the Scrolls are missing pieces of the Bible, and some even believe that some scrolls were written by Jesus himself. One of the reoccurring themes is that there is no “Hell”, and that God will resurrect all the souls to heaven. There is much more to it, but the jist is all souls will be reunited in heaven, regardless of past discretions. In my opinion these books, were left out because they did not fit into the equation of creating ‘Hell’ as a deterrent to make sure the citizens behave. The concept of hell is also a good tool to convert the “primitive” people on missionaries.

You must again look at the time frame from which these sins were introduced as a popular belief. The Roman Empire, and the Catholic Church, were one and the same. The people from which they governed had a purpose so the machine could function; more or less you were born into your career. The trade skills were past down from parent to child.

The first line of the definition of pride is the “excessive belief in one’s own abilities” if this is not a repressive statement I do not know what is. They associate this pride with one’s own ability to be more than what you are born into. Imagine if today we believed such bullshit, our kids would be sent to school and taught to not apply themselves in anything other than what you were born to be. Now that I think about it, isn’t that what our public schools do?

I understand that some may link the second part of the definition and say that the word “interferes” would debunk my earlier statements, because the word itself says that pride is ok as long as you don’t get a big head about it. Here is the problem… God never comes down to tell us we are starting to get cocky.

The people who deem us to be prideful to the extreme is the Catholic Church, and in direct correlation the Roman Empire. Man was not meant to judge other men. This then means the empire has no religious ground to stand on when enforcing the Word.

“Do not judge, so that you may not be judged. Matthew 7:1

I find some contradiction here, the peasants were taught to not take pride in yourself, anyway you look at it; it is a form of repression. The peasants were born and raised to believe this, and their children’s children were taught to believe this. If this were to hold true today, many people would be condemned to hell. If we still followed this there would be no advancement in society.

  1. Nicole says:

    sorry do not agree. Pride, Sloth, Envy, Greed all these things ARE in fact bad when taken to extremes, as is anything we do. Hence to these people in this time frame, this was new to them, it was somthing they CHOSE to beleive in, and if choosing to beleive that these 7 actions are sinful, so that people do not do them, why is that bad. our laws tell us this today and if you break them you are punished… Life is about actions and their results, we all choose our actions so we must deal with the results.

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