Envy: is the desire for others traits, status, abilities, or situation.

You sure as shit know where I am going with this one.

Looking at the time period 590 AD, and understanding that the Catholic Church, and Roman Empire were infused as one since the early 300′s, all you need to look at is the word “desire”, which by the way is the key word in greed’s definition as well. When looking at desire and the other words that follow you should be able to see exactly how this is a repressive sin.

The four words traits, status, abilities, and situation all point to the ruling class. The ruling class knew there was a huge gap between poverty and wealth. They had no problem boasting about their wealth and many possessions. The wealthy wanted to keep their wealth, so they needed a buffer, something that would keep the people from trying to achieve such status, and or just simply revolt and take these things for themselves.

The sin of envy is perfect because it tells the simple-minded peasants that their thoughts of “why the fuck can’t I have that” or “why the fuck am I sleeping on damp shitty ass straw, why these pompous douche bags are sleeping in palaces.” It tells them that these thoughts are sinful, and if they think them god shall smite them, because the peasants were simple-minded they actually bought this shit! 

Just like pride and all the others, these thoughts, these beliefs were passed down from generation to generation. In the end this “sin” of envy became yet another tool of repression and control. If we flash forward to 2010, we can clearly see that if the masses believe envy was a sin, our economy would be much more fucked up than it is now.

I leave you with this. If people were not slothful the video game industry would crumble. If people were not prideful there would be no pro sports. If people were not Envies there would be no economy, so go be slothful and play Madden 2010 online, be prideful of how badass you are at the game, and be envies of the cheating douche that just beat you by 1 point because he always went for it on 4th down.

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