I would like to start with an apology, I started an 8 part series on the seven deadly sins, and as I was sitting here prepping to write part 6. I decided I was not going to do it. Why you ask? Well because I told myself I had to do it, so I was compelled to do the opposite.

I would like to vent a frustration on how pissed off I am about being rapped and robbed by insurance companies, without even the courtesy of a reach around. I am married and have three kids, for those of you who failed math class that is a family of five.

We were lucky last year because the coverage was better, and we reached our max out of pocket so for the last half of the year everything was free. Enter 2010 at my wife’s work the insurance amount raised as did the deductible. If she were to carry insurance on the family it would be over $600.00 a month with $5k deductible. At $600.00 a month that is $7,200.00 a year, plus we need to reach the $5k deductible before the fucking insurance will even kick in. Damn my ass hurts now!

We decided that the cost vs. the reward was not worth carrying insurance. In order to carry insurance for the entire family at my employer is over $1,314.00 a month. That is 70% of my pay each paycheck, plus I have a high deductible on top of it. Ouch it hurts even more.

This is totally out of hand; it would be nice to be on Minnesota Care, or some other health care plan. There is only one problem with that we are not welfare trash, so apparently the tax payers would rather pay for people who are completely useless compared to people who are actually trying. I am not saying everyone on welfare is trash. I am talking about the countless number of people who abuse the system.

 I find this system very disturbing. Apparently it is more important to pay for the birth of a single mother who just had her fifth kid, all with different fathers mind you, instead of honest hardworking people who simply can’t afford their employers healthcare plans. The ones who really need it are turned away in favor of people who abuse it. God you really have to love America.

                  I sincerely hope this new healthcare reform bill rectifies these current injustices against blue-collar Americans. As it stands now I have to just pray that none of my kids need to go to the emergency room. The result of said action will spiral us further into debt. Insurance in general is an “in case shit happens” business, that makes billions of dollars a year because most of the time they find loop holes to where they won’t cover you, or simply the “shit” just doesn’t happen. The whole system is fucked, and I want insurance in general to stay away from my ass and my wallet

  1. I think you’ve fallen for a myth! Yes, in ANY system, there ARE people that abuse it, but with official unemployment hovering around 10% (the REAL rate is nearly double that), the vast majority of people on Medicaid or a derivation are not lazy bums.

    If you want to talk about systems abuse, why not look at Wall St? Presidents Bush & Obama gave the fat cats billions of dollars to keep them from going belly up and they turned around to pay their top honchos — the very people most responsible for America’s economic woes — mega paychecks!

    • Tim Lundmark says:


      You know my feelings on the government. We take it up the rear everyday from these douche bags. They are corporate puppets which are destroying our country. I know sometimes I leave out the bigger picture when I focus on things. I will sometimes have a flair for the dramatic. You cannot deny there are millions of people abusing our welfare system. I wrote this in January, did you just go back and look at old posts? Too bad you are so far away, it would be a blast to debate with you.

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