I do not mean Satan in the literal sense. Satan refers to the most evil diabolical human on this planet; my daughters mother.

I received a call from my daughters’ therapist yesterday, she told me Satan had called her and requested a release of information. The therapist wanted to get confirmation that she had 50% legal custody over our daughter. I informed her that she did for the time being.

I served Satan, the court papers for our March 3rd battle. I am seeking physical and legal custody, and requesting she pay child support. I know she went on a temper-tantrum about some of the affidavits we collected. One of those affidavits was from her therapist, stating our daughter should not be allowed around her husband aka Fuck Face; it also stated her mother needed to come up with a consistent schedule, and allow her to see her sisters.

I am unsure what she is up to, but it worries me. We have a rock solid case, but Satan is as devious as she is evil. She sent me an e-mail saying she will see Brianna the second and fourth Sunday, of the month for four hours, further more she is still not allowed to see her sisters. She also stated she would give me physical and legal custody as long as she does not have to pay child support. Finally she said that we both need to be flexible on the Sundays if something were to ever come up.

I agreed with everything in her proposal, except child support. This demon see’s her daughter 96 hours a year, which totals a whopping 4 days and expects to not help raise her financially! Satan chooses to not work; hence feels she is not obligated to pay child support. This is simply unacceptable. If the roles were reversed and a man walked into court trying to say he shouldn’t pay child support, because he doesn’t want to work, the courts would crucify his ass, especially if he has done the things to his child this beast has. I stated it in an earlier article, my fear is the judge will just be pro woman, not looking at the facts, and what’s worse sympathize with her.

Satan’s visit with our daughter was scheduled for this Sunday. She was invited to a sleepover birthday party from Sunday to Monday. She wanted to go to the sleepover, and change the weekend she saw her mother. I relayed this to Satan, and she stated she is unwilling to switch weekends, she said she was looking forward to seeing her again, and it was up to our daughter what she wanted to do. If she was going to choose a birthday party over her, then she didn’t want to see her. Needless to say my daughter was devastated her mom would not be flexible. Again for the five hundredth time, we need to comfort a little ten-year old girl. We needed to somehow try to explain her moms actions.

She stated in her proposal she wanted flexibility. How can she say that she is looking forward to seeing her again, but won’t change her weekend? This makes no sense; I am hoping the judge will see through all of this. I just want to do a quick recap, I am sorry if some of this is repetitive.

From March 9th 2009 to January 8th 2010, Satan has seen her daughter twice, for a total of four hours. She sent her a letter in October 2009 saying she was no longer going to call or see her. In November I wanted to make this legal. I received a text back saying she did not want to make it legal, and she now wants to see her. Since end of August 2009, she has talked to her on the phone two times. I had told Satan she could talk to her, but must be through my phone with me listening This is due to the sick shit she would tell her, since I told her this in August, she has never requested to speak to her daughter. It has been 10 months since Brianna has seen her sisters.

I am so eager to see what her evil plan will be. I am assuming I will receive her court rebuttal sometime in early February. I truly am sick with disgust and anxiety over what she is going to say. Since I would not agree to stop the pursuit of collecting child support, this evil, manipulative, vengeful demon bitch will go for my jugular. Whatever her diabolical intentions are, I can say with certainty she will not have our daughters best interest in mind.

  1. Vicki Furer says:

    I think keeping Brianna’s best interest your top priority is what you need to continue to do. I believe that “Satan” will trully suffer for her actions some day. Karma will come to her one way or another. I can not help but wonder what or who is controlling her mind and what demons she will have to wrestle with one day.

  2. If she says she’s willing to relinquish physical and legal custody to you IF child support is not included, I suggest you jump at that deal. This provides you and your wife with the ability to steer your daughter’s life in a positive direction.

    My guess is that if you contacted her to say that you accept her terms, she will back out of it (which might provide good ammunition for your lawyer!). I would guess that she offered these terms SOLELY because she knew you wouldn’t accept them as is.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      This post was back in January. We already had the court date, I was awarded sole physical custody, but not legal. I am not worried about that because her mom shows no interest in her life. She was awarded to pay more child support then what I proposed. The reason I am editing prior posts, because I realized I do not write very good when I have to quickly write a post in 30 minutes. I am turning a year worth of blogging into a book. I hope some of my dedicated readers like my stuff so much they will want to pick it up, and perhaps new readers will choose to pick one up so they can catch up. I am not concerned about book sales I am using it as part of my portfolio. I still want to know how these come to you.

  3. I read your posts in Google Reader. I didn’t even look at the date, but this post and the other were in the reader today. So, I guess when you edit and repost, it shows up as an original.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      I suppose that is a good thing. I am trying to figure out how to maximize my blog to get it out there. There are things like digg or delicious I just dont have the time to figure them out

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