Greed: Is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual.

Greed was important during the historical time frame from which it came. The period contained two classes; the haves and the have-nots. The haves wanted to continue to have, and had no interest in sharing. I find this oxymoronic in a way, the Catholic Church and the Roman Empire preached the importance of not being greedy, yet somehow this did not apply to them. It is too bad, that our current society suffers from this same type of thinking.

The Empire was aware of the social unrest going on among the peasants. The Empire knew if the people banded together they would not be able to fend off the revolt. The Empires leaders were aware of how damaging unhappy people could be. Including greed and the threat of eternal damnation the Empire was able to keep the people from wanting more. When you combine pride, envy, and greed it forms a perfect trinity of repression.

Today’s society is rife with greed; this greed helps and destroys our society. The way greed helps our society is by creating new jobs due to new or expanding companies, and people’s greed for new things is what drives those businesses. It destroys our society, because of greedy leaders, and it creates a “me” first mentality.

America at one point was a Republic, for the people by the people, over time this changed into a Democracy. Today we “choose” our leaders, and trust they will do the right thing for the people, unfortunately most political leaders are funded by special interest groups. This aspect keeps our government to achieve any real progress. We have become a possession driven society. Greed is imbedded in us from the day we are born through the all powerful media.

I am not a huge fan of greed. I have seen it destroy many lives; I know the feeling of being stepped on by people you trust, as long as it benefits them. There was a time when I was consumed with greed, and it almost destroyed my marriage. I see a political system that is broken and consumed with greed; it is this greed which will halt any real reform. In my opinion people need to lose the “me first” mentality and adopt the “how may I serve” philosophy. If everyone lived by this motto, raised their kids on this motto, and if our leaders adopted this motto; our society would become a better place.

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