Things I Learned This Weekend

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
  1. One night without the kids is NOT enough time to get a months worth of work done. Setting such expectations only causes sadness
  2. Websites are not easy to build! I purchased a website to market the foundation, and my writing. I thought i could complete it in two days. Setting such expectations only causes saddness
  3. Finding out you have a real friend, means more than they will ever know. Family and friends are the life-blood of our very being. It is a sad state of affairs when good friends are few and far between.
  4. Seeing happiness on another’s face when they receive gifts. These are the kind of moments I try to build on, brining happiness to others is a good feeling.
  5. The serenity of silence is peaceful
  6. This peaceful feeling goes away to quick
  7. There are so many obstacles, knocking  you down from achieving your dream
  8. Getting up and dusting yourself off is not easy
  9. Knowing the dream will benefit so many people, is so much more motivating than what will benefit me
  10. This is the hardest one to say… my wife is always… most of the time my wife is… sometimes my wife is… once in a while my wife is right : – )
  1. Nicole says:


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