Is There One True Reality?

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Blog, Blogging, Opinion, Philosophy, Random, Random Thoughts
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This is a tricky philosophical question, on one hand reality is subjective on the other hand lyes absolute truths. There be no one true reality, within the billions of people walking this earth, they are living within their own reality. Absolute truths such as gravity, the world is round, and the earth rotates around the sun. Can these truths be disputed? If one person believes the world to be flat; does reality then change? What I see as certainty, may be uncertainty to another. Who is right?

To perform a study we will ask three separate people the same questions, and we will compare answers. 1.) Who was behind September 11th? 2.) Where do you go when you die? 3.) Does earth rotate around the sun?

Subject (A) answers: 1.) George Bush, 2.) Nirvana, 3.) Yes.

Subject (B) answers: 1.) Osama Bin Laden, 2.) Heaven, 3.) No

Subject (C) answers: 1.) United Nations, 2.) No where, 3.) Yes

Looking at the answers the only agreement between the three is the earth rotates around the sun. Is subject (B) incorrect? Science would say he is, but we must remember long ago, the ruling majority would imprison anyone suggesting the earth rotates around the sun. Regardless of scientifical proof subject (B) believes the opposite. He thinks therefore it is.

This holds true for questions one and two, although theses two questions are not absolute truths; they yield three seperate answers. We now have three seperate realities, with no definitive answers. They think therefore it is.

 If the theory above holds true; then we have 6,805,826,570 different realities on our planet. These realities weave in and out of one another, yet none of them are exactly the same. If I were to examine subject (B) version of reality I may disagree, or believe otherwise. In my eyes the reality I perceive is the only true reality, but my reality is not the one true reality. I believe therefore it is.

  1. Johanna says:

    I think you think too much!

  2. cody says:

    I agree. The reality we believe to be true is completely subjective. It goes back to never being able to see the world through someone else’s eyes. Reicently I have been trying to view the world in a non subjective manor and am coming to realize that so much of what we consider as our own identities may not be. In other words the way we think about a certain topic, group of people, governments and ourselvs all stem from outside influence. Much of the worlds populous is a product of its own subjective invironment. When we are told that something is fact or not we have the choice to believe otherwise but when it comes to majority agreement it is difficult to go against the grain so to speak. In these that we hold to be collective irrefutable “facts” some of the greatest minds have furthered our knowledge by disproving them as such.

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