The Woman and Her Dog

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I had to go get my car fixed yesterday after work. The car’s check engine light had been on for a while, and it was now idling funny. That morning the car would not rev past 3RPM’s. My father-in-law was nice enough to squeeze me into his shop at 5pm. He said it should only take about thirty-minutes. I left work, drove down to Bloomington, stopped off at Burger King to get some dinner, then dropped car off at the shop. I figured I would eat, smoke a cigarette then out the door. It did not work out that way.

The car did not get into the shop until 5:30, I was okay with this, since this was my father-in-laws shop, and we were getting the repair for close to nothing. I was able to kickback watch some ESPN, and read the newspaper. This could only be done for so long before boredom hit, this boredom started to creep in around 6pm. I had no more stories to read, and ESPN was airing discussion on girls basketball. I went out and smoked again, came in sat down and started to read some year old Peoples magazine. I checked my watch, and it was 6:05pm, it was then karma walked into the shop in the form of a woman and her dog.

I was sitting quietly in the waiting area with two other women. The door opens and all you hear is this dog barking, the barking turned into whining. This women and her dog sit down in the waiting area, and immediately the dog begins whining. The woman in her thick accent tells the dog to behave, the dog does not listen. I could sense the two woman sitting in the waiting area with me were beginning to get annoyed. They made some polite comments about the dog, you know a little ha ha ha. The dog continues to whine, and this woman is doing nothing to correct the problem. We are twenty-minutes of non-stop whining, I had to take my Bodhi Meditation beads off my neck and wrap them around my hand so I could start meditating. I started to repeat the mantra “peace onto others.”

Thirty-minutes into the constant whining one of the ladies gets up to leave the waiting area. The woman and her dog were blocking the narrow passage way. The woman was a bit heavy and had to really struggle to get out. This woman would not even get off her ass and move her dog, so fatty could squeeze by. I could tell fatty was annoyed, she finally navigated by, and uncomfortably pet the dog on her way by. She had to make some comments about the dog “blah, blah, ha, ha oh the dog is so cute.”

Forty-five minutes into the never-ending whining; the other lady who was waiting with us had to get up and leave. Again this woman would not move her dog, and she had to struggle to get by. This woman just like the last felt compelled to say something, with both women you could tell these were hateful passive aggressive gestures. These women were cast away, they chose to leave and sit outside rather than listen to this annoying dog any longer. Not me I declared! I would not let this inconsiderate women and her dog force me away! I continued to meditate, but it was getting harder and harder to keep a peaceful mind frame.

one hour fifteen minutes into this tourture, I finally broke down and said something to this woman.

Me: “So you can’t keep your dog at home by itself?”

Woman: “Blah blah heavy accent blah blah no he can.”

Me: “So then why didn’t you keep him at home?”

Woman: “More heavy accent, talks to soft can’t hear her over her fucking dog.”

Me: “Well whatever your dog is really annoying and you probably should go somewhere else with him, because frankly I can’t stand listening to him anymore.”

Woman: “More things I can’t understand.”

She gets up and walks away. Yes! Victory I thought, but this would not be the case. The woman and her dog, just went on the other side of the cubical wall and sat down at the desk right by the door. I could still hear the dog, and she knew it! She did not have the balls to face me like a real villain. Instead she used guerilla warfare on me, and attacked. I finally texted my father-in-law, and shortly after he had one of his employees take her back to her house. This women and her dog, managed to clear out every single customer.

I wish I would have said something earlier, then the two girls who were suffering two would have either given me a high five, or start the slow clap ala “Lucus.” I could have saved the day, I am sad I missed out on that.

  1. Nicole says:

    what did father -in-law say when you text him?
    Do you wonder what the woman actually said that you ignored while only trying to thik of what you had to say next? maybe her reasoning was valid??? or maybe not.

    high fives and slow claps..ala “Lucas” is your life dream. now i know what to get you for Christmas 🙂

  2. Karen King says:

    Number one, I can’t believe someone would bring their dog to a place of business. And then bring it into said business, at least she could have stayed outside with it. It’s not the dogs fault…it didn’t want to be there either. Maybe the business should put up a sign – No Animals Allowed. Reading your blog makes me laugh visualizing this happening, sorry you went through all this.

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