A Random Thursday

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
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What is it about hearing a song, and having it pull at your soul? The song appears to speak to you, so you end up listening to it over and over again. Is that a girl thing? When it comes to me and emotions I have a hard time dealing or identifying with sad feelings. They just sit inside of me. I cry on the inside, but show nothing on the outside. If I do show something it manifests itself into anger or crabbyness.

The only way I can get those internal tears to shed on my external is by stimulation through music, movies, or tv shows. It sucks, but I ended up listening to this song fifty times yesterday, and when I arrived at work today I gave it another twenty listens. Sitting here weeping in my office, I am happy I can shut my door. The last thing I want is my co-workers seeing signs of weakness.

I read a Yahoo news article “How to tell if you are middle-class” I was disappointed to see we are not. I actually thought we hit middle-class status a few years ago, but our money made and lifestyle expenses don’t match up. I found the article amusing because it seems to be middle class you need more than just falling in on an income level. You need to be deeply in debt, have a house with 2,300 square feet, two cars, and other depressing things. After I read the complete article, I am ecstatic I am not considered middle-class.

My wife and I were invited to a Minnesota Wild hockey game. We do not know much about hockey, but wanted to go to see our friends and experience what it was like to sit with the rich people. I wondered before going if we should dress as if it was a black tie affair. We watched the game when I dared my wife to ask our friend Blake this question. “Why don’t the players just catch that black thing in their gloves, then skate down and throw that thing into the end zone?” We laughed because it was funny, but neither of us had the courage to say such a silly thing to this man, for reasons which are not important.

Why do employers send a letter to interviewees which state they did not get the job? I think the fact you are not working there is proof enough. I think they like to rub the misery in.

I have regular bowl movements, and they always happen at work in the morning. I understand pooping is normal, and everyone does it, but if someone comes in right after me, or disregards the occupied sign and tries to unlock it, or even the person working in the hallways who just happened to be out there the whole time I have been in there. I feel such a sense of shame.

I formed a new blog yesterday. It will not be up for about a week. The title is “Reviews For The People By The People.” It will be a place people can post reviews on music, movies, or other media. This idea is not unique in any way. I am sure there are tens of millions of others out there. I am hoping if I can put a different spin on it perhaps it will stand out. If nothing else it will make my website a little better, because it needs all the help it can get.

I added the WordPress application to my Facebook account, since then my daily visits have decreased. I use to just post a link and a little comment about it, and I would drive some traffic from Facebook. I wonder if it shows up different so people are not seeing it?

I am afraid I am going to fry my IPOD, and docking station. For some reason anytime I touch my IPOD, while it is hooked up to this docking station I get shocked and so does the IPOD and station. Sometimes it will fry the clock light out, then fries it to turn back on. Sometimes it will reset the clock on the docking station. It is scary because I NEED music to survive work, without it I would have to quit. My biggest fear is I will fry my IPOD, and if that got fried… Words can not describe the sorrow. I have put way to much time, money and energy into filling up all 120 Gigs. It would be painful to have to start over.



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