I believe America should adopt a policy which requires everyone who graduates be required to serve their country. It is important to learn discipline, respect and honor for your country. There are many countries which require everyone serve in the armed forces. I wish America would implement such a policy. I feel this requirement would improve many aspects of our society.

My childhood best friend joined the Navy after he graduated. He made it through boot camp; he was lucky enough to be stationed in San Diego. He had so many wonderful experiences. He was able to serve his country and see the world. I was always envious of him but knew with my mind frame, and what I was into I never would have made it through boot camp. I would have made it about 2 days before I would tell the drill sergeant to go fuck himself.

I wanted to join after 9/11, I had a family, and out of shape so I don’t think that would have worked out very well. I just wish I was able to experience of traveling the world and serving my country. I am really pushing my kids to join some branch of the military. I want them to serve and see the world. I am filled with joy because my oldest son is planning on joining when he is sixteen. There is a program my wife found that would work great for him. My daughter has also shown interest in this as well. She wants to serve and enter the FBI. My youngest son on the other hand may not go that route if he keeps the same traits he has now.

I like to use the military and what it can do for you as a carrot for my children. I tell them if they want a high security clearance or want to join the FBI or CIA they need to stay away from people who get in trouble or do drugs. I tell them they need good grades, don’t knock anyone up, or get knocked up, and live a safe childhood. My hopes are I promote this enough they will be excited about it.

I do not agree with how we are handling the wars we are in. I agree we need to do something about terrorism, I just don’t agree with how it is being done. I do not agree with soldiers being stationed in various countries, our occupation in these countries is unnecessary, and creates ill will with other nations. If a country asks for our help we should lend a helping hand. The more America tries to play step-father with other nations the more hate towards America within other countries. If there is a civil war in Congo, we have no business stepping in. With the amount of money we spend on funding these wars; takes away from helping the citizens in this country. I also do not agree with the amount of money we give out in aid to other countries when we have problems here. It is evolution, survival of the fittest. It is 2010 if there are countries which are still not self sufficient… well that has to say something. Regardless of my personal feelings I still feel everyone should be required to serve.

  1. Johanna says:

    Just from experience I would have to say whatever you want your kids to do, they end up doing the opposite. (especially teenagers) I try to find the individual talent that each of my children has, and help them to develop it. Every one is good at something and sometimes you just have to search a little harder w/ some than others. What I’m getting at is, not all of your kids may be cut out for the military. Go ahead and encourage that, but also make sure they are given the opportunity to find what they are good at.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      I don’t force it I encourage. I try to point out the benefits of joining the military and how it can open many doors for them in the future. At this time I do not think my youngest would fit in the military, but he would benefit from the discipline. My friend who joined the navy hated authority and got into a lot of trouble. The navy put him back on the right track. I just hope my kids stay away from drugs. I know first hand how destructive that can be.

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