Absence of Light


Black is not a color

By definition it is the absence of light

A dark void

A suffocating black hole

How come black is what I see

It is everywhere inside of me

Where is my ray of light?

To guide me through the cold dark nights

I wonder alone

In this bankrupt mind

Hoping to find, a light inside

Reaching towards the heavens

Praying someone will answer

My black is my cancer

Eating at my will to live

I need some relief

To find my way home

Without a light to guide my way

I am certainly doomed

No answers to my questions

Black is what I know

My blanket to block out the snow

My mind is color blind


I wish I had wings

If I did; would I be too scared to fly?

I wish I could weep

Instead of these tears, welling up inside

I wish I could smile

If I could would I even know how?

I wish I was important

If I where would anyone know?

I wish I was smart

If I were would I find the answer?

I wish I lived on solid ground

If I did could I find the courage to fly?

I wish  

Until there are no more

  1. Johanna says:

    Good poems,but not very positive though!! Sometimes if you “pretend” to be happy or positive, you actually end up that way. Think good thoughts. 🙂

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      I try very hard to think positive so I can filled with positive energy. There are somedays where the depression takes over and I am filled with negativity. It is a catch 22 because when that sadness hits me, I am able to write poetry. I have wrote some positive ones as well, but it seems the creativity flows easier.

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