Yesterday I wrote about the social injustices Americans find ourselves in due to our political system, and the politicians who keep us from progressing. Today I would like to focus on how media plays a part in swaying the American people’s popular opinion and guiding the decisions we make in every aspect of our lives. The Rambling Taoist touched on this point yesterday (thanks for stealing my thunder.) This is a fantastic blog located at, check it out sometime.  

The media controls our buying habits, ethics, morals, our personal beliefs on what is beautiful, popular, and our political views just to name a few. This media brainwashing begins from the moment we are born. My five year old son saw a commercial for Burger King; they were including Sponge Bob toys in their kid’s meal. My son begged for us to go to Burger King for almost two months. This is just one example of such marketing tools used by companies.

Many parents use the television as a babysitter for their children, and I am unaware how many actually monitor the shows their kids are watching. I was watching a show with my daughter over the weekend on Nickelodeon. The way these kids were dressing and acting shocked me. I had to tell my daughter over and over again that she will never get out of the house dressed like that. Her response was “but dad that is how the cool kids dress.” I also noticed the way these actors were acting along with created rolls in what is beautiful or popular. I walked away from this a little disturbed. Instead of learning life lessons on how to behave by their parents they are learning them from television.

The Rambling Taoist touched on the most important aspect of media control; the way political run news agencies, and commercials can control the way we perceive progress. He gave the example of the healthcare bill, and how most Americans felt about it prior to the scare tactics used by Republicans and the Tea bagger protests. By the time all these scare tactics were used the approval ratings for the healthcare bill plummeted. I understand the Democrats could have used the same tactics, which is why I believe in full disclosure. If either side were to show the American people the bill in simple language then let them decide we would be better off.

Fox news is one of the worst examples of politically controlled news agencies. During the Bush administration they spun everything the President and the Republicans were doing in a positive light. They did not criticize it until Obama took over, all of a sudden our economy and the war was horrible and Obama’s fault. It is in my opinion, that any politician, commercial, or news agency caught lying to sway popular opinion should be shut down. We are slowly being brainwashed, and very few have any idea it is being done. Just because it is subtle or sneaky does not make it anymore severe. We as Americans condemn other countries from such tactics; perhaps we should apply such standards to our own country.

  1. Sorry for stealing your thunder. 😦

    In my opinion, one of the reasons this problem is so pervasive goes back to a US Supreme Court decision from the 1880s. In that decision, the court decreed that a corporation is entitled to the same rights as a person!!

    Imagine that. An entity that can live on in perpetuity has the exact same rights as the rest of us finite creatures.

    The next severe blow was again delivered by the high court in the 1970s when money was equated with free speech!

    Taken together, it is constitutionally legal for mammoth corporations grossly to influence the thoughts, mores and beliefs of everyday people. Because such corporations wield tremendous influence and power, is it any wonder that the average American is so screwed up in believing what is up and what is down?

  2. Inhuman19 says:

    Solution? Don’t watch TV. I am 15 years old and I rarely watch TV (1 hour every 5 years).

    • Tim Lundmark says:


      Welcom to the community. I think your solution is a noble one. I think you are in the norm if you only watch TV an hour every five years. I wonder if you were to sit with someone who watches TV two hours everyday how different of an outlook you would have. I would wager it would be different. I would be interested to hear your views on certain issues. Do you read? Do you listen to the radio, music, or play video games?

  3. It is a very vulnerable world now! My father had great knowledge and predicted the runaway power of corporations! I feel it was a plan in place when the Bush Administration left! Our democracy is for the people and to take that away is criminal! We the people must stand together! We must vote in Democratic candidates that can be Allies of our Presient!The media is not immuned to standing with the greed driven and we need to locate honesty in all candidates. Money trys to control all but this shouldn’t be! The Supreme Court was wrong! We must try to reverse the Supreme Courts decision…so unfair!

    • Tim Lundmark says:


      Welcome to the community! There is much that needs to be done to fix our country. I would guess our descent started 30 years ago. I am sad I was not alive during the time where our country was better to her people. I hope in my lifetime or at least my children’s life time they will feel what it is like to be free.

  4. D says:

    comments like “scare tactics used by Republicans and the Tea bagger protests.”

    That throw democrates/liberals into a category of their own. Do you not see those comments ARE scare tactics? What a bunch of FACISTS you all are.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      Welcome to the community. Interesting word choiceDemocrates are no different than republicans they both lie the both use scare tactics (global warming). I just need to stand by the lessor of the two evils

  5. JohnEbeBad says:

    And, another crime is the fact that nobody took the time to comment on a compelling article concerning the land they live upon. I look at America/world in two ways. Pre 9/11 and post. The pace at which corruptness among our skumbag politicans increased post 9/11 is sickening and sad. Not to say the corruptness was never ther pre 9/11, but now it’s like they don’t even care of exposure. Maybe because their brainwashing techniques and dumbing down paid off. Americans are brain dead.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      Welcome to the community! you are so right. The america we live in today is a dirty shell of what it used to be. We are no longer a republic. We are shackled prisoners and many dont even know it!!

  6. Ali says:

    I perceive people as individuals and look to their independently formed views as reflective of their own unique character. We are being influenced from every direction in America today and each of us should form our own opinions that are not the marching orders given by either side of some ‘left’ or ‘right’ thinking, For example my friend, X, who is a deeply religious, environmentally conscious, homosexual, republican leaning, professional, whose position is in support to restrict access of illegal immigrants on our border, pro-life, Ivy league grad, And Z, a young college degreed neighbor with a Ron Paul sign in the front yard, a belief in America’s impending revolution if we do not restore peace and small government, vegatarian, organic gardener, fireman, youth minister, environmentalist and activist, We must take care in our application of who fits in which box (right or left). We do not have to signify own allegiance to some perception of ‘I’m Okay, You’re Not Okay’ or fall in line with a message of fitting in the ‘left’ or right’ box. Creating your own message – changing and evolving as you live your life – will be more fulfilling as you develop as a free thinker. You will establish a moral code, an ethical code, a way to be in the world that hopefully brings responsible behavior that respects others, that always works from a place of compassion and openness, inner strength and commitment. How many of us can say we are doing that today? Embrace the many facets of who you are and you will become more understanding and tolerant of others not a talking head.

  7. Yes, as indicated by The Rambling Taoist, the corporations have dominated
    America and the world through the courts and the legal system. A great book and documentary called “The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power” shows this clearly.

    The Occupier Movement doesn’t even know what they are up against. The only way to reverse the situation would be through the courts and you can bet that ALL corporations would invest EVERYTHING to never let that happen. We have essentially legislated short-sightedness and greed and called it the American Way.

    In the book and the movie it talks abut how corporations used to be given authority and regulations governing their objectives. They were the arms of the people. Now they are the blind and deaf head of the world. They do what they want because we told them they could. Anyway, Thanks. Keep Blogging. Keep Writing.

  8. rybueno says:

    It’s human nature in the end, no matter what we do, there’s always going to be someone in a place of power who will take control of other humans… it’s just how we roll, for good or bad, I think is hard or impossible not to do it, not to control. I thought the human being was the only creature that slaves and control others of it’s kind, but my little brother corrected me, there are insects too. I think we are really far from a non-controlling society, maybe one day when we don’t need to work so much, there wouldn’t be necessary for us to have such massive population of workers, if ever… I see it everyday in my country which is far from USA but still I can sense it’s grasp, the way my people behave and think, it’s all by the media, I don’t think is wrong anymore, it’s part of the human race, I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same if I had the power, I can’t. Sometimes I think the way it works is perfect, you just watch TV and get ideas of what you want to do, you see something in the internet about someone inventing a social network and now he is a millionaire and such, or that you must do sports or whatever, they tell you how to live your life, who to worship and who to be. I just can’t take it, it irritates me when my family follow such things, but I can’t do a thing to stop it, at least I try to make my point but… I refuse to be a mind slave, and it’s not a choice, it’s like a horror sci-fi, even if you don’t want to follow their rules, the other converts will try to impose stuff on you. It’s really hard, seems like no one can leave you alone…

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