The events over the last 6 months has opened up many doors for me. I was able to realize my life long dream of becoming a published author. This accomplishment gave me the courage and confidence to attempt some other personal dreams. I was able to create a website, albeit a pretty lame one but a website I can call my own. I started a daily blog, and I founded The Bucket List Foundation. Since all these things have happened the creative flood gates have been opened which has given me the motivation to start other book projects. The following are the current projects I am working on. Due to my ADD I need to work on multiple projects, because I grow board with working on just one at a time.

Dylan Thomas: This is a children’s book series written in poetry form. The goal is to create stories which appeal to ages 2-10. I want the rhyming and lush drawings to not only draw the kids in, but also make the stories enjoyable for the parents as well. I have completed the first story, but I have run into a wall with an illustrator.

The Definitive Theology Timeline: This is a working title. My goal is to track religion from its conception and its evolution into what we know today. I intend to include every possible religion I can. I am not going to go into great depth on each one, just some basics like creation stories, Gods, messiah, end-times and the basic belief system. I am guessing each chapter will be about fifteen to twenty pages. I am around 200 pages deep into this with a long way to go.

Deceived: (working title) This book examines how the Christian religion has allowed itself to be destroyed by the word of man. You would be amazed how much the bible has been changed to not only create copyrights, but to change the originally meaning of the “Word of God” to fit mans needs.

The Mind of a Madman: (working title) This is a novel written in poetry form describing the inner workings of a psychopath, starting from the time of conception up until… the rest will be a surprise.

The Philosophy of Me: The life and mind of no one special: This will be a book based of 365 days of my blogging experience. I am unsure if a blogger has created a book based off a year of their posts, but I thought I would give it a try. If nothing else perhaps I will create more exposure to my cause.

Finally I am working on two other poetry chapbooks, which at this moment in time have no names. The goal is to self publish then shop the manuscripts to publishers and literary agents.

  1. My goodness. I’m worn out just reading the list. 😀 You have far more energy than I do, my friend.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      I have a lot on my plate, which is why once or twice a week I burn out then recharge. I can manage these big things, but it is the minor things I can not do. If it were not for my wife my life would be in chaos. Here is a perfect example; I have 10 different student loans for an education in Philosophy. I have been trying to consolodate my loans into one. I have been working on this for six months and accomplished nothing. I put reminders in my phone to get the little stuff done, I have 17 reminders I am behind in. Side question I have been diagnosed with every mental illness under the sun, and my wife believes I have aspergers. I took a test and scored really high, but the test is not official. If I indeed have this do you take meds to manage?

      • No. It’s not a disease per se. It means you have a form of autism; your brain is wired differently than most people.

        That said, folks with autism often have comorbid conditions like ADD, OCD, personality disorders, severe phobias, etc. Some people take meds for those. I don’t, but that’s because I have a phobia about meds!! 🙂

  2. johanna says:

    Perhaps you should focus on one thing at a time, lest you get overwhelmed.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      I have ADD, and if I try to just focus on one it drives me batty. I will get writers block and not be able to accomplish anything. I found working on many projects keeps me fresh

  3. johanna says:

    I see what you mean. Good luck!

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