Why Can’t Logic and Emotion Play Together Nicely?

Posted: May 4, 2010 in Blog, Blogging, Debates, Journal, Life, Logic, Misc, miscellaneous, Opinion, Parenting, Personal, Philosophy, Uncategorized
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I saw this comment “why can’t logic and emotion play together nicely” posted on Facebook last week. I chuckled at the oxymoronic nature of such a statement. Logic is the study of reasoning, and emotion is void of reasoning; therefore these two things can never go hand and hand. It is impossible to make a logical decision when you have any emotional feelings towards the decision you are trying to make, without fail your emotional feelings will lead you astray.

This led me to ponder on how often we use logic in our daily decision making. I wondered why our schools do not teach logic or critical thinking courses in school. I think logical thinking is like common sense in that it is not common. My knowledge on logical thinking is not all that vast, but I do understand the general concept. I look back on my past decision making and I can see where my lack of logical thinking has caused me to make really shitty decisions.

The hard thing with making logical decisions is the ability to set aside your own personal feelings on the subject and look at a problem or decision based solely on the facts. I also think people make snap decisions and ride the disaster train of emotions. This train does not lead us to positive places. The problem with this the majority of people are unable to think without emotion. Because we are not taught this at a young age, we are incapable of reaching the Zen existence of Mr. Spock.

I am interested to see if I am capable of making all my decisions based on logic instead of emotion. I have a logic book at my house somewhere, what I am going to do is add this book to my daily Tao Te Ching readings and see where pure logic can take me. Since I was never taught logic, is it possible at 30 to learn it? I do not think we are born with logic, I think it is something that is learned, and so we will see if I can learn this skill and apply it to my daily life. I will chronicle my adventure into the womb of pure logic. I am excited to go on this journey.

  1. IMHO, emotion often gets a bad rap. As the Tao Te Ching teaches, life is about balance. The person who makes decisions solely based on logic will not be a very humane nor compassionate person. Likewise, as you point out, decisions made solely on the basis of emotion tend to obscure the basic facts.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that logic itself can still be flawed. A person can make the most stupid decision in the world — even if it’s completely logical — if the premise or one of the variables is incorrect.

    And don’t forget those strange occurrences in life that seem to defy all logical explanations…

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