I write because I know no other way

Words spoken breeds a life time of contempt

It will take more than love

To break my razor wire covered wall

There is no secret passage, no hidden hole

Whats inside should never be known

Misty dew of tears, on blood soaked thorns

The razor wall; holds tears in tight

Within the center of his twisted mazed mind

Guarded by shotgun bangs and starry nights

A naked boy alone and filled with fright

And so I write

By: Tim Lundmark

  1. wordwand says:

    a lovely poem an intersting philospophy of writing.

  2. Nicole says:

    May be my favorite one yet!

  3. johanna says:

    I like this one too!

  4. If the truth be known, every one of us is naked, alone and filled with fear. It’s called being a finite creature in an infinite universe.

  5. hames1977 says:

    this is stirringly honest poem. i commend your strength and your quest to make the world better, much better when you found it.

    keep it up.

  6. poeticsound says:

    This is beautiful and powerful, and I definitely know where you’re coming from.

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