I was outside a few minutes ago watching the trees blow in the wind. They would go back and forth letting the wind do what wind does. In the end when the wind is done the tree returns, and continues to stand strong. I started to think of the Tao, and it’s references to flowing water. A smile hit my face as serenity fell over me.

In my life I try to flow like the river, and flow through lives obstacles. I fall short on this goal many times and let a pebble create a dam. My life flows like a raging river, and by the time it cycles through this small pebble becomes too much to cope with. I turn to the Tao Te Ching to find my center, and for a small moment I feel peace, unfortunately for me I am unable to harness the teachings. This results in the loss of serenity and peace.

I admire the trees and their relation to the great Tao. They stand strong through the strongest storms, and even though they may lose a piece of themselves they will stand strong when the clouds subside. When it is the tree’s time, the Tao lets it know by delivering an unrecoverable storm. The tree goes where the wind takes it and so becomes one with the Tao, and is rewarded with rain and sunlight.

I wish I was able to handle the storms, and not be blown away by the winds. It is tiring trying to re-build my straw house, only to be blown down again. This leads me to try to rebuild from scratch losing the progress I had previously made. You think I would have learned by now to build this house out of bricks, I just lack the resources to create such material.

Perhaps one day I will flow like the river, and blow in the wind like the trees. I sit alone and cry, wishing this were so. If no one see’s me cry, then my weakness is not real. They think, therefore I am, when I think therefore it is delusion.

  1. Nicole says:

    OOOOHHHH another good one, this may now be my favorite…please stop one upping your self everyday, how will I decide which is my favorite!!!

  2. Look, we each stumble along the various paths we take in life. It’s part and parcel of being human. The important thing is to continue on with the journey, one step at a time.

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