There is a place we go

 When there is no light

Our eyes adjusted

 To the twisted night

We hide in cold places

Infested with fright

Within this never-ending night

We roam we seek

In search of light

Within our never-ending night

My last hope I turn to God

With stretched arms

Seeking comfort in hands not there

We find nothing

No end in sight

Within Gods never-ending night

Scream all you want

No one is there

I seek

Until our knees are weak

The realization you have traveled nowhere


In my wretched box

You are in this never-ending night

Say our prayers

The time has come

Within this box

There is no air

Madness enters my cold dark stare

Prayers of knowing the end is near

Within my never-ending night

In our hands, Gods Sheppard is here

Within this never-ending night

One hopeful pull

I enter into the light

By: Tim Lundmark


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