I was working on my website www.thephilosophyofme.com yesterday. It was needed to be updated in a major way, with the first chapter of “The Stories of Dylan Thomas” due to be complete by the end of June I figured I should update it. I didn’t realize how out dated it was! I realized there is nothing about the website, which would bring people back. I tried a forum, which completely bombed. I then tried another WordPress blog about media reviews, this also did not do good. I ended up dreading doing posts. Last weekend I thought of installing a blog which was exclusive only to my website. I called this “The Philosophy of Quotes.”

I intend to do 1-2 posts a week, and continue this blog as well. I enjoyed writing the first two entries which I will add to this entry. I am still trying to find my voice, so I will need to try different things. I have always been a quote junkie; so I think this may be a perfect fit. I just hope people will stay interested if I only do 1-2 posts a week. I really wanted to try to have a philosophy specific blog, and I feel I have not achieved that with this blog.

So here it is, your feedback is needed and appreciated.

Mankind is governed more by their feelings than by reason.” Samuel Adams

Reason and logic are just as rare as common sense. Since we are not robots; every decision we make is based on our feelings. Reason and logic is just as hard as reaching enlightenment in the Buddhist religion. Samuel Adams even fell short in this area. Adams’s contemporaries, both friends and foes, regarded him as one of the foremost leaders of the American Revolution. Thomas Jefferson, for example, characterized Adams as “truly the Man of the Revolution.”

His anger over taxes by the British Parliament was a stepping stone for the start of the revolutionary War. Adams was outraged over the Sugar and Stamp Acts caused Adams to call the people to begin to revolt over the rule of the British Empire. Adams was a controversial figure in American history. He is viewed by some as a pioneer of freedom, but others view Adams as a negative figure in history over his roles in inciting the Boston Massacre, and the Boston Tea Party. He was also known as the pioneer of propaganda. 

I try to find reason and logic in my decisions in life. The problem is reason is subjective to the individual who is making the decision. What is Reason for Samuel Adams may have been completely different to Benjamin Franklin. This I think is what causes our government to be so dysfunctional. The Democrats and Republicans have such a different view on what’s good for the people they govern. This leads to the complete inability to make real progress as a country. Instead of progressing forward we find ourselves staying dormant.

I don’t think violence on film breeds violence in life. Violence in life breeds violence in films.                                                                                                                         Robert Aldrich

This is a tricky philosophical question. This is a case of which came first the chicken or the egg. Was it the violence in the media, or is it the violence we deliver on to others which fuels our desires to see violence. I think it is the deterioration of our society. If you look back in history; every great empire falls eventually. In America; we have been showing the signs of crumbling within.

The media like movies, video games, music, and TV shows only desensitizes our youth. They see violence all the time and it comes to a point where it almost seems okay to do. If some guy pisses you off at school you kick his ass. The media is the all mighty power; it shapes us from the day we are born. The parents these days use television as baby sitters, and rarely ever monitor what they are watching. Because of this media brainwashing we become what they want us to be.

The media only gives the people what they want, and sex and violence sells. The media needs to create what the people want, if they want violence; then that is what they get. I try to think back in my life time and try to pinpoint where we went wrong. I think rap was a jumping point to the creation of greater violence. Look back at N.W.A, the music they did was heavy on violence.  The rappers told the stories of the struggle of living in the ghetto, and how they handle themselves. This way of life spread to the suburbs and caused the kids to idolize this life style.

I don’t know if anyone can answer this mystery. I would assume different people will have different thoughts on which came first, either way I don’t know if we will find the truth. I know we are self destructing from within. It is like watching a train wreck, and we can do nothing to stop it.

This blog will be available at www.thephilosophyofme.com under the “Philosophy of Quotes” page. Remember I need feedback.


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