Two days ago I posted a blog entry on this site  from my website The entry was a philosophical entry inspired from one of my many favorite quotes from Edward Abbey.

“A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.”

I wrote about how important it was for Americans to open their eyes and see how our government continually lets us down. Our Constitution opens up with “WE the People.” This country has completely lost this meaning. WE continue to elect officials who are “in it for themselves,” because of this we get what we vote for. I know there are honest politicians who generally want to move this country forward. These honest officials are over matched by their peers, and their opportunity to make real progress is lost in the Capital Hill status quo.

In my post the other day I received some comments from my favorite and most active reader; The Rambling Taoist (he can be read at I highly recommend his blog.) He informed me, that with all the bullshit in politics it is a futile dream to expect real change. He spent 15 years of his life, trying to make such change and came up empty.

My response was quoting him the famous Taoist saying “A thousand mile journey begins with a single step.” He gave me such advice on a different issue a few weeks back. I feel the American people have been so indoctrinated into being consumer slaves, they become complacent with life and the status quo. If WE were able to form as a people; over time WE would take our country back.

I would give up my longshot dream of becoming a full-time writer to know one day this dream would become a reality. I would love to be alive to see this day, but if it took 75 years I would be at peace with the outcome. To know I was a part of making OUR country great again would be the greatest honor.

I know there are people in this country who feel the same way, but they suffer from the concept of “what can I as an individual do?” I am confident if enough people would listen and see the truth they would stand up and demand they be served by their elected officials.

If WE look through history all great empires crumble. If WE truly see where are country has gone, WE can see… history will repeat itself. Our country began deteriorating from within long ago, and because of lack of knowledge the people of this country have allowed it to happen. It is because of greed and the pursuit of the all mighty dollar; our country has fallen apart while other countries have grown and prospered. WE are hated around the globe, and WE have no one to blame but ourselves.

The Peoples Republic should be self funded by the people. We should have no need to accept money from those who are determined to destroy this once great nation. WE need to start at the state level and begin electing those who are for the people. WE need to work ourselves up from the lowest positions until we have moved and taken over the highest positions. This can be accomplished if we band together and form as one. I can guarantee once the two evils see real change is coming they will have no choice but to straighten their crooked paths less they be forced out of power.

WE can no longer elect charlatans who run their campaigns on lies and empty promises. How much longer can WE as a nation continue down this same old path? How many times are we going to fall for these hollow words. The majority of America (the dying middle class) have given up on the prospect of change; so much so they have refused to even vote. The right of voting is crucial to our government, yet the ones who vote are the corrupted church, the wealthy, and the uneducated who continue to believe lies.

It is coming together,  standing in unity, and striving for change. Our forefathers had the strength to stand up to their oppressors, and built our country around ensuring this type of oppression never happens again. If it does they gave us the right to stand against it. We can no longer stand by and let our given freedoms be taken from us. Unity and courage will result in rebuilding this once great country. Whether it takes 5 or 75 years, we have the power to make a change, if we only have the courage to change it.

  1. First things first. WE, the people, don’t have much money. Many of us live hand-to-mouth month-to-month. The vast majority of people who have the money like the system the way it is and the only change they would support would be to make us poorer (and them richer).

    The amount of time, work and funds needed to get people elected on a local or state level is far greater than you could ever imagine. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot people with your level of enthusiasm throw up their hands in a very short time when they came face-to-face with the amount of work such activity involves. I don’t write this to slight such individuals at all; it’s more that the realities of the situation slam them into the ground face first.

    Even when we are able to get a few of these folks elected, the powers that be will redouble and retriple their efforts to make sure such individuals aren’t re-elected. They run dastardly smear campaigns and they can make a virtual saint look like the devil incarnate.

    Finally, the prime reason why voters constantly vote against their interests is twofold: 1) Spin and 2) The lesser of two evils mentality.

    Because the powerful control the media, they can spin the most draconian policies to come out smelling like roses. If that doesn’t work, they muddy the waters of any issue to the point that most people don’t know what’s up and what’s down.

    But the number hurdle that ANY third party or independent candidate faces in this country under our two-party system is that most Americans do NOT vote for candidates they support, they vote against candidates that they support even less. Conservatives do not vote for libertarians because, under this form of thinking, that would take votes away from the GOP candidate and would help to elect the evil Democrat.

    Liberals do NOT vote for Greens, reds, progressives or a People’s Party because, under this reasoning, that would take votes away from the Democrat and would help to elect the loathsome Republican.

    You might well be able to gather a bunch of people together in an off-election year who will pledge to vote ONLY for your candidates. Unfortunately, as the election draws nearer, 2/3 to 3/4 of them will jump ship (and berate you for not jumping with them) to hold their nose to vote for the candidate who is running against the other candidate they hate worse.

    It’s not a pretty reality, but it is what it is. This is the chief reason I finally threw up my hands. There seems to be no way to get around this sad situation.

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