Logic Issues and Learning Latin

Posted: June 7, 2010 in Blog, Blogging, Debates, Journal, Life, Logic, Misc, miscellaneous, Opinion, Personal, Philosophy
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Logic is about reality, facts, and truth. This statement seems logical, but contains flaws on a philosophical level. If you can define pure logic by reality; it raises a confusing question. Who’s reality is logical reality? If you can define pure logic by facts; you will run into issues finding a fact as being a logical fact. If the goal of logic is to find the truth; you will run into trouble if the truth is wrapped in lies.

I think “reality” and “facts” criss-cross one another. You need to know the facts to determine the reality.  If reality is subjective to the individual, how can one find true reality? We live our lives under two “logical” existences; the objective and subjective. Objective facts are places, persons, or things. One can find objective facts by seeing these examples with their own eyes. If the objective fact is based in the past, we can only rely on historical documents, or the people who lived through it and seen this event with their own eyes.

The Statue of Liberty is a good example of an objective fact, which leads to reality. We can not deny the existence of the Statue of Liberty, many people have seen it, and there is photographic evidence of its existence. If we look at this question, and ask a philosophical question the lines of facts and reality become tricky. If someone will only believe in the existence of the Statue of Liberty exists only if they have seen it in person, can their reality be accepted as reality? If someone believes Big Foot is real, despite concrete proof, can their reality be tossed aside?

What about religion? No one has ever seen heaven, nor have they seen God. A believer can argue the existence of God, by the Bible. To this person this historical document is the objective proof of the existence of God. The issue with this and any historical document, is there is no such thing as absolute historical facts. No one was around during this time, no one saw the burning bush, or the miracles Jesus performed. If we take logic for what it is; then religion has no base in logic. To the many Christians, the Bible is the word of God. The reality they live in is their reality. How can one deny them their reality no matter how absurd the concept is?

How can we find real historical facts? In this day and age our history books are altered, and our Government has many secrets. The media can not be trusted, so how do we find facts? If you look at the JFK assassination; history states he was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, as a result Oswald was assassinated. There are so many “theory’s” on this topic. The facts, and reality behind this subject is shrouded by secrecy and lies. This causes reality to be unknown.

Lies also hide the truth, facts, and reality. If we look at subjective facts we can only rely on what the individual is telling us. The subjective individual is the only one who is feeling, or experienced the situation. If this person is under a delusion or straight out lying and relay their lies or reality, then the listener can only ascertain what they are hearing is truth. Two things have happened in this situation. 1. The individual who is under a delusion has created a reality. 2. The listener is now in the speakers reality. We now have two people who share the same reality, even though it consists of delusion and lies.

Writing this today, has given me a headache. I am determined to find and fully understand logic. I look at most things in a philosophical manner, and with philosophy there is no one reality. There is no one truth. If the goal of logic is to find reality and truth, yet these goals can not be defined as absolute truth to every person in the world. If this is true to me; then I can not believe in logic, and therefore logic does not exist. Oh my head is spinning.

I have decided I am going to learn Latin.

  1. The way I look at it, logic (as well as facts and “logical” reality) are merely agreed upon beliefs. Since none of us “knows” what life itself is — and EVERYTHING hinges on this unknowable essence — belief is all we have to go on.

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