I can remember being young and attending Church. I was unable to take the sermons at face value, I needed to know more details in order to believe. When I consulted the church, the preacher could not answer my questions without fallibility. There are numerous puzzles contained within the Bible, which do not make perfect sense. I have for years tried to solve these puzzles within my own head. I continue to seek an answer beyond “it is the will of God, and we should not question God.” In my next two posts I would like to touch on two of these puzzles.

 Today I am going to focus on God omnipotence, and The Alpha and The Omega concept. Tomorrow I will focus on the creation story of Adam and Eve, and the claims of Gods omniscience, and omnibenevolence.

In Genesis and Revelations God is refered to as the Alpha and the Omega. Matthew, and Luke acknowledges his omnipotence. Psalms outlines his omniscience, and omnipresence. He is described as possessing omnibenevolence. When we examine the meaning of these words we leave the realm of logic, and see the fallibility within. In any theological examination we must look deeper, and not accept answers based on concepts of faith. Faith is our internal rationalizations, we use when truth is before our eyes.

Omnipotence: God is considered to be omnipotent, he possesses unlimited power. I am aware of two passages which reference this power;  “you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of Omnipotence,” (Matthew 26:64,) and “from this time forward the Son of Man will be seated at the right hand of God’s omnipotence” (Luke 22:69.) I question this statement based on the concept of the “paradox of stone.”

The paradox stone challenges the concept of any being possessing unlimited power. The original paradox was called the paradox of omnipotence and asked several philosophical questions challenging this concept. The question about the stone was the one that stayed, and the paradox stone stuck. This paradox asks us “Can [an omnipotent being] create a stone so heavy that it cannot lift it?” This question generates a dilemma. The being can either create a stone which it cannot lift, or it cannot create a stone which it cannot lift. If the being can create a stone that it cannot lift, then it seems that it can cease to be omnipotent. If the being cannot create a stone which it cannot lift, then it seems it is already not omnipotent.

It is clear to me, this paradox denies the possibility of an omnipotent being existing. Since all monotheism religions believe in an omnipotent being, we must conclude their religious documents are incorrect. This paradox is irrelevant when examining the Alpha/Omega concept.

Alpha and Omega: When we examine logic with philosophical thinking; we are able to find small holes within this science. There are concepts in logic which are hard to ignore. Logic is founded upon four first principles of logic. The second and third principles not only prove logically the non-existence of a higher power, but debunks the claim of the Alpha (God) and Omega (Jesus) claim.

The principle of the excluded middle; challenges the existence of God in a Christianity sense. The principle states “there is no such thing as just becoming; there are only things that become.” The Alpha claim can therefore not be valid, God can not be the “beginning.” The computer on my desk did not just “become.” The computer is not a computer, without the existence of the parts, which make it a computer. The computer “becoming” depends entirely on their existence. Something either exists or it does not exist; there is no halfway point between the two.

The principle of sufficient reason furthers the reason above. It states that everything that actually exists has an explanation for its existence. What this means nothing is self-explanatory or the cause of it-self. For a thing to be a cause of itself, it would somehow have to precede itself; which makes no sense. In this we must conclude God is incapable of being the “beginning,” and the existence of God is proven false. If we conclude the absence of the Alpha (God), then examining the Omega (Jesus) is irrelevant since you can not have Jesus without the existence of God.

**I want to express I have no issues with peoples beliefs, and the Bible when followed in a philosophical sense possesses many good lessons, which provides us with strong morals.**

  1. mythicsushi says:

    Another interesting question about this is if God could stop being God, or make another being equal to him yet independent.

    God’s foreknowledge of everything, which is coupled with omnipotence, is another idea with intriguing implications. For example, God created Lucifer and other angels, fully knowing that they would turn away from him and become evil.

    You could say that, in a way, God created evil. But, I digress.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      Welcome! Oh you will love the post I have set up for tomorrow. It is right in line with your question. If god were able to create a stone he could not lift, then remove is omnipotence to prove he could not lift said stone. He would in a sense no longer be omnipotent, and could not have the power to go back. I really love the foreknowledge aspect which I am hitting on tomorrow. Great minds think a like.

  2. What gets me is that, whatever it is that undergirds life, is unknowable. To understand it, we would need to understand everything and this is downright silly as no one can even figure out something as easy as why the Cubs can’t win! 😀

    In my book, ANY belief system that seeks to define what can’t be defined is engaging in fairy tales.

  3. […] belief of a higher being can be proven illogically impossible as I did in two posts I wrote in June The Senseless Silliness of Gods Omnipotence, and  Adam and Eve: Proof of Gods Follies. I debated with elementary logic that the existence of […]

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