I was walking to my office, and I was thinking about my disdain for conformity,  in every aspect of the word. I admit I succumb to minor conformity at work, but I do everything in my power to go against the grain of the institutions polices. I have tatted up my body to the point corporate america will reject me just as I have rejected it. Deep into this thought I wondered; if I refuse to conform, which results in non-conformity; am I in essence conforming to non-conformity?

I was searching for some new music a few months ago, when I came across a band called “Armored Saint.”  I saw they had just released an album called “La Raza.” I figured this was a newer band, since I had never heard of them. Feeling impulsive I downloaded their discography, and never gave it another thought until today.

When it first came on I thought it was “Iron Maiden.” I started waiting to hear “Run to the Hills,” but it just wouldn’t come on. I realized none of these songs sounded familiar. Looked at my Ipod I see it was “Raising Fear” by Armoured Saint, remembering “La Raza” I figured this album was relatively new. I feared this was the retro return of 80’s metal bands, right down to the album art style. I checked it out and saw this album was made in 1987, and felt better.

Enjoying some cold bottled water, I noticed the nutritional facts on the side of the bottle. It has various facts, such as calories, sugars, and vitamines, of course they are all zeros. Figuring everyone knows aside from water being good for us it holds no nutritional values. I did not see the point, in my curiosity I looked closer trying to identify the point. Unable to find it, I was about to go on with my day when I noticed the bottle said two servings per bottle. Does anyone else see the madness here?

I received my first negative criticism on my writing yesterday. My WordPress posts go directly to my Facebook page. I really disappointed this guy, and I felt really bad about it. I don’t think he realized I was the author. In his comment he was upset because I used the “tree of knowledge” in the context of eating this fruit should have given man infinite knowledge. He pointed out it was the “tree of knowledge of good and evil.” He gave his points, but was speaking as if I read the piece, then posted the link on my Facebook.

I knew criticism of my writing would come someday, I was just not looking forward to it. I went into defend mode, and tried to point out I do these posts on my lunch break. I can’t sit at work all day to research a post, I need a thought to pop in my head, log-on, and quickly type the piece. I do not edit the post. I  free write and leave myself to the mercy of my memory. I have to write on my hand what day of the week it is, because I can’t remember. I will look at my hand, and twenty minutes later I think it is a different day.

Can’t please everyone.

Here is a joke I thought of the other day.

What is the difference between a Muslim extremists and a Christian extremists? 

One is in the desert, the other in politics.

  1. Gail says:

    Just one thought…tatts are conformity since it is not an unusual thing. People use ink to conform to their own…or someone else’. I just enjoy the art and look…no statement for me. Ohh, and water holds the MOST nutritional value out of everything we put in our body…as it is what is needed to live =]

  2. These days a person like me is the non-conformist: no tatts, earrings, studs or ball bearings attached to my tongue!

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