When I got home yesterday, my wife and I shared a long overdue hug. This was one of those long never want to let go hugs. I didn’t want to let go, but when we finally did, I craved to be near her the rest of the night. As a result of this longing, I was inspired to write her a poem. I wanted to post it on Facebook straight away, so the next time she logged on she would see it.

The next time I logged in, I was shocked to see another person had re-posted my status message, and did not give me credit. I looked at his responses, to see a message to this person that she had seen this posted multiple times. I was upset for two reasons; 1st the poem was meant as a surprise for my wife, 2nd I was not given credit. I was concerned if this continued to be re-posted someone may copyright it before I was able to.

I responded to this guy, and asked him why he was re-posting my work? I received no response, but the post and my response was deleted. I was exchanging messages with a few people on the original post; after a while I felt bad for overreacting. People told me the individuals who re-posted it were going through a hard time, and I should be flattered. I was flattered someone liked it enough, and my words somehow rang true to their own lives. Those are my two loftiest goals when I write, so jackpot.

I should have put “By: Tim Lundmark” after the poem since I do not think many of my friends I went to school with even know I am a writer. I have received friend requests from fans so I would assume they knew it was by me. I know when I do a post on my blog, it posts to my Facebook, but I am not sure if it comes up as a link or as a status message. I should probably check that out. Here is the poem:

I look in her eyes

Her beauty so hard to define

A gentle touch

Our kiss goodnight

Intertwined in love

I love my wife

By: Tim Lundmark

  1. Like Chuang Tzu, I must be a simpleton. My wife does FaceBook — I don’t — and the few times she’s invited me to look at her page/wall/whatever it’s called in her browser, the conversations look completely inane and they are copied by unknown people and sent to unknown places. Obviously, I don’t get it. I don’t understand why people are enthused about it.

  2. hames1977 says:

    for one, i am happy to report that i don’t have a facebook account. though i have a friendster, which i seldom visited. sometimes i have that gnawing feeling inside, about exposing my poetry online and somebody might be snatching them away. but i believe that nothing beats the original. time will reveal who the real author is, and all those plagiarist will be ashamed at their own downfall. i believe i have a lot of witnesses and hopes that wordpress will document them when it was first posted online. i hope that this will be a potent tool validating authenticity of authorship claims, in the end.

    all the best to you.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      The good thing about WordPress, or blogs in general is the minute you publish something it is copyrighted. I believe the same thing goes on social networking or online poetry sites. Since poetry is a dying art there are not many people who would steal it for financial greed. I am shocked I sold the little amounts of my books. I think what people do not understand about poets is their work is an extension of themselves and are therefore extremely personal.
      Keep writing I enjoy your work

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