There are three things which keep me motivated and interested in doing this blog. I enjoy writing about philosophy, theology, and other random shit. The feeling I get knowing people are reading and enjoying my intellectual thoughts, personal experiences, and everything in-between is satisfying. What I enjoy most is the conversations that follow after my posts. I decided to modify my blog a bit to encourage the participation of my readers.

The format will not change; I still intend to let my random rambling mind lead the way. I am honored and grateful to have those of you who contribute on a regular basis. I am just hoping I can encourage all my readers to join in on the discussion.

I think it is sad the art of philosophy is slowly fading away. We do not explore and examine things on a deeper level. The great thinkers who came before us engaged in open meaningful conversation which challenged conventional thinking. It is because of these great men & women we were able to advance as a society. Technology has taken us to new heights, yet we stay stagnant. I would like to add my updated intro/profile page to explain the new format.  

Welcome to “The Life and Mind of No One Special,” a community where philosophers, theologians, profound thinkers, poetry lovers, and everyone in-between, can come together for the melding of minds. The topics are random, eclectic, and at times involve personal issues. It is encouraged for you as the reader to join in and provide your own thoughts. It is through participation; we are able to create a community of free thinkers. We are a dying breed; it is intellectual examination which moves us forward as a species.  If you are interested in becoming a contributing author, or just want to lay a philosophical question on the table please send me an e-mail at Each post will end with “what do you think?” We all hope you will provide us your views and beliefs.

About me: I am a published author, and the founder of “The Bucket List Foundation.” My first book “My Descent into Madness,” is a personal and intense poetry meant to be my final words to my family. I just finished the first of a series of children’s books “Dylan Thomas: The Journey to the Mountain Top” (working title.) I also have several books in progress; my goal is to have at least 3 published by the end of 2011.Check my website for current projects and available books.  

I am in the early stages of starting a grass-roots movement “The American Republic Movement.” The final objective of ARM is to take our country back from the crooked politicians, and the corporations who buy them off. This country was founded on a Republic; for the people by the people. The people of this country have lost their voice; through the power of unity we can be heard. This; my friends will usher in true progress. Join the movement at

What do you think…

  1. johanna says:

    Not sure you consider me a “free-thinker” but I’d love to contribute sometime. I just need to choose a topic. Would that be ok by you?

  2. You wrote, “The final objective of ARM is to take our country back from the crooked politicians, and the corporations who buy them off.”

    Okay. If that’s the final objective, what are the initial ones? How do you think you will get from Point A to Point B to Point C?

    Just asking.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      I wish I had the answer, but I do not. I do know I see so many things wrong with what is going on in our country. I figure there is one of two things I can do about it. I can a.) Bitch and complain in the privacy of my own home until I get my frustrations out or b.) I can express my frustrations in a public forum and perhaps there are like minded people out there. I figure the second option gives the possibility of change a better shot. Every great invention or social change began with an idea. My hope for the future may be a five trillion to one odds, but I can’t give up. I am a realist, and I am well aware nothing will come of this. The nice thing is I don’t hurt anyone for trying; perhaps my thousand mile journey begins with this one step.

      As far as how to get there within my limited intelligence I would guess you need to break down all the issues and decide where ARM stands on the issues. I would need to find and present example after example. On local levels you start to bring more and more people together. The larger the cause becomes the greater our voice will become.

      Beyond that I am hoping to come across much brighter people then myself.

      • happygobingo says:

        I read your story on your site. It seems you’ve been through a lot of pain. Don’t give up.

        “I am a realist, and I am well aware nothing will come of this.”

        Don’t be so negative! Even if you get to one person you’ve done something and that might be all worth the while.

        A suggestion I would make is to get more specific with your goal (and also starting at a more manageable level). Your current goal would be hard for Obama to pull off. Pick something in particular you want changed and work on that specific thing. The more focused you are, the more power you will have.

        Sorry if I’m sounding like Tony Robbins or something lol, just trying to help.

      • Tim Lundmark says:


        Rambling commented on the same thing. I did not want the intro to be to long with my detailed plan. I would prefer people go to my website and check it out and fill out the contact form. I just listed the end goal; if it took off I would recruit like minded people, so the movement is spread out. Hold rallies, door to door campaign, and start running at the lowest ranks in the government. I was listening to a professor on Bill mahrs show, and he was promoting people to band together as one to force our representatives to put our interest first. He said that is how it starts.

        Thanks for reading

  3. blindedbytheads says:

    ‘The people of this country have lost their voice’ i think you mean “the people of this world….” globalization has been anything but good for the world all it has allowed is for GCM’s to reap greater influence. I challenge everyone to quit their jobs, stop watching tv and take a break from society to see how quickly your perspectives and views changein regard to what’s important for you and the world without the daily infuences that we are bombarded with. It will be an enlightening experience. Don’t think that anyone who is viewing this site would gain much but for the rest of the “zombie” world out there it could be of some benefit…

  4. Just because you cannot see the Turnkey doesn’t mean you’re not in a Jail.

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