Thirty spokes converge upon a single hub;

It is on the hole in the center that

The use of the cart hinges.

 Shape clay into a vessel;

It is the space within that makes it useful.

Carve fine doors and windows,

But the room is useful in its emptiness

 The usefulness of what is

depends on what is not.


 The 11th verse of the Tao Te Ching talks about this empty space which makes the examples useful. It is what is not that is most important. This is true within ourselves; we all have this inner hole we fill with love, anger, religion, greed, or drug abuse. I think this inner space is peace. We can also not ignore the outer shell, which makes a vessel useful. You can not sail on a boat without that outer presence, without it you are just in water. I believe we are the wheel, if our inner self is positive, the spokes result in positive out ward actions.

 We often ignore this inner space, because we rush through life we do not spend enough time cultivating it. This inner peace is vital to our well being and in building a healthy relationship with others as well as ourselves. Through regular meditation we can keep our inner selves healthy. I am sure many people out there are intimidated by meditation, I know I still am. We have a predisposed concept on what you are supposed to obtain through meditation. Prior to learning more on this subject I thought in order to truly benefit from meditation you are supposed to reach some mystical state of mind. This is not the case. When I am able to meditate I sit up straight breathe deep breathe from my center or chi, and repeat a mantra over and over. If we are consumed with stress, or self- conciseness we express that through our outer shell.

 Today try to take some time, clear your mind and meditate while cultivating your inner self. Notice how good you feel afterwards.

 What do you think…

  1. I’ve been thinking about the concept of space lately. We refer to it as the void or emptiness and stress that it is NOT. I’m sort of changing my opinion on this. Space IS something, but unlike many other things, it’s permeable. It has no defined borders or boundaries. Where other objects keep things out, space invites things in.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      If we are talking about the cosmos space between galaxies and nebulas and such is a dark void. This void is not nothing it is something in its nothingness. In regards to verse 11, I think this something which is in nothing is something. This sounds confusing. I think we have a hard time contimplating this just as well as we have a hard time defining infinity. I feel I have a void to fill, but then again I have issues. I also feel if this hole was not there religion may not exist.

  2. 3deedit says:

    This link shows how TAO verse 11
    brings every thing into 3D

    TAO Greetz,

  3. newfoundtoaist says:

    i think it’s saying people are useful by not being everything which makes them unuseful like being annoying or hard to work with.

  4. […] piece was inspired by two things. 1) Verse 11 from the Tao Te Ching which speaks of understanding that sometimes it is the open space inside […]

  5. […] as perhaps the first notion of inner space.  However, at about the same time, Buddhism’s Dvadasanikaya Sastra was written down (408 BCE). It […]

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