Trust you wallet 

It buys you things

Things you want

Because they say

Distrust your mind

It’s full of lies

Lies because they say

The American Dream

So full of hope

These are lies

They will say

Learn to learn

To earn your degree

These are lies

Universities will say

Wealth will come

Or so they say

These are lies

Parents must say

Work brings work

Throughout the day

Pay your bills Is what they say

These are lies

Corporations do say

You are sick

Or so they say

Take your meds

These are lies

Drug company’s say

Vote for me

I promise it will change

These are lies

Politicians must say

All and all

The lies stack up

This American Dream

All torn up

It is gone

Amidst the lies

We are led like sheep

Believe the dream

Believe the lies


We are all led to


By: Tim Lundmark

From “My Descent into Madness”

If anyone is interested in a free copy of my book please e-mail me at I am giving away books in exchange for a review I can place on my website.

What do you think…

  1. hames1977 says:

    this is strong. i never thought such raw power you have in bringing out your utter disgust to the lies that this society is masquerading to the public. wonderful poem and this is true.

  2. Melissa says:

    THis one is one of my favorites.

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