It is of my opinion that we should have universal healthcare in this country.  I do not believe in the concept, nor do I trust insurance companies to do the right thing. I feel healthcare insurance companies should be heavily regulated or abolished all together. My personal experience in dealing with insurance companies; is they are crooked and train their employees to miss code insurance claims to try and collect extra money from the ignorant and uneducated. Insurance companies will also not cover pre-existing conditions, or will find loopholes to not cover certain things to save a buck. We were once the greatest country in the world; fixing this issue will leap us one step forward to regaining that title.

We finally made some progress when Obama was able to pass a healthcare reform bill, although it fell short of becoming real progress. Obama’s initial idea for reform, which he preached about during his campaign, was a better vision then what the end result was. I hope with this step, it will continue to get tweaked until it becomes true reform. This is one of many examples of why a two party system is broken. It was the filibusting, and the billions of dollars lobbyist used to line the pockets of our elected officials, which resulted into the bill we have today. I am disappointed with the outcome, because like everything else the reform we were promised was not delivered.

I have a solution to this problem, which will deliver real reform and real universal healthcare. 

  1. The corporations should contribute 20% of their profits a year towards healthcare reform. I have no idea how much money each company makes in this country, but I would imagine combining them all together would generate a great deal of money. If we allowed insurance companies to continue to operate they would be responsible for paying 30% of their profits. If you want to operate in America you should be obligated to help the people, and make this country better. I understand companies employ and pay taxes, but it is greedy to choose your wallet over the benefit of your fellow countrymen. I am sure companies would try to find a loophole; such as moving their companies overseas. If this were to happen we would ban their products being sold to Americans. This is radical, and I am sure I will draw some heat from this idea, but if you really think about it, wouldn’t it be better for the greater good?
  2. The current U.S. population is 410,000,000, this number is based off the most recent census. If every one of these Americans paid $40.00 a month it would generate $7,440,000,000. I am not sure the exact dollar amount to have universal healthcare in this country, but seven in a half billion dollars sounds like a ton of money.

If you are not able to generate enough money based off example number two I am certain if you combine one and two we should create enough revenue to get this done. Universal healthcare and regulating insurance companies is needed in this country. . As Americans it is our responsibility to watch out for each other. It is not only ethical, but it is our civic duty.

What do you think?

  1. dana says:

    it would be great if that would solve the issue.

    who would be regulating what procedures get done and not done?

    can a 95 year old get a heart transplant?
    is nonnecessary plastic surgery covered for free?

    the list goes on and on….

    universal healthcare hasnt worked well for any other country, what would make the USA any different?

    • Tim Lundmark says:


      I am aware there are so many things which goes into making such a thing work. The thing is we make things so much more complicated than they need to be. The Taoist believe living through the mind and eyes as a child is a major achievement. Rambling may be able to correct me on that or go into more detail. We can achieve anything. The problem comes down to greed and coruption. There is to much money involved to have universal health care. The lobbist will pay whatever needs to be done to ensure they continue to gain wealth. It is to bad in our country people are suffering, and can not get the help they need because either they don’t have health care or the insurance company has found a loop hole to not cover their issue. The same insurance company who has been collecting and collecting this individuals money, and ditches them in their time of need.

      Who are we to condem this 95 year old man to death. If the doctors decide the surgery will add one year or maybe five years why would we turn our backs on them. They have contributed to this country for many years. He deserves the chance to live. If the doctors decided he would not survive a heart surgery then they can only do their best to provide what is needed to make sure he passes in peace with no suffering.

      I do not think plastic surgery would fall under universal health care. That would be something compleatly seperate. If every american had free plastic surgery we would all be transformed into plastic versions of media beauty.

      Abortions would be covered. We can not force our citizens to enter parenthood if they do not want it, or can’t affored it. My opinion and I wrote about it in Jan. or Feb. I think abortion is not used enough. There are so many people who should not be allowed to be parents because they are complete fuck ups, or intend to use their child to gain more money from the government. This is one of my more radical ideas.

      I would love for you to ask a child, or take the time meditate. Try to think like a child with simplistic and innocent eyes. I would like to hear what comes from your experience

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  3. I’m not sure what planet Dana lives on, but universal healthcare works in a lot of countries!

    That said, you’re plan wouldn’t work for many reasons. For starters, most corporations would get around the 20% tax by claiming their NET profits were too low. (There has to be some sort of threshold.) We certainly couldn’t ban their products — if they moved operations overseas — because of various treaties. They would take their cases to the World Court and the IMF who, I’m sure, would label such actions as unlawful trade barriers.

    Forty dollars per month is a steep price for the millions of Americans out-of-work and unable to find living wage jobs. More people are on the Food Stamp program today than ever before. People are losing their homes and life savings.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      As I said to Dana, greed destroys all good ideas. I hope in my life time there is universal healthcare, higher education offered for free. I have a plan for this as well. It can be done, but we no longer care for our fellow men. This type of mentality has not only destroyed this country by the loss of morals and ethics, but has destroyed other nations as well. I personally think the greatest evil man has is greed. I don’t mean to get off track, but I was one of them and the way I thought was to step on people to get a head and make decisions not in the well being of my fellow man, but to make my company more money which would line my pocket with bonuses. I turned into an evil man and it almost destroyed my life. I took a job that pays shit, but gave me the oppertunity to help people, and then I rediscovered the Tao which has and still is changing me as a man.

  4. johanna says:

    Sounds like socialism to me. And as far as abortion goes, no child deserves to suffer the pain of abortion just because they have “fuck ups” for parents. Many of us wouldn’t be here today if that were the standard. As a matter of fact, depending on who was dictating your perfect society, you might not be considered “qualified” to be a parent due to your mental health issues. It’s a slippery slope. Just sayin’

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      I suppose I don’t know what to call my perfect society. I think it has a mix between many different political philosophys. I think I will call it “Timism” You are 100% right in my view of things I should not be allowed to have children. I regret it everyday when I see my kids show signs of symptoms which mimic my mental health. I will burn in hell (figerative) if I selfishly brought a child into this world who may suffer like I have. That being said I do not regret it because my children are a blessing to me. It is a very slippery slope. I am for pro-choice, I will not go beyond that because the two sides feel so strongly about the subject. I will point to one of my post which cures this debate. If a woman who is pregnant decides to have an abortion the government would pay that mother $40k to hand over the baby to them. This child would be given the best life, and train to fight for this country at the age of lets say 10. I added more stuff, but I wont get into it. I do not think anyone who gets pregnant and decides to have an abortion would pass up $40k. Check out the complete post.

  5. johanna says:

    Tim, I did see that post. I must say, I certainly didn’t mean to criticize your parenting. It’s a pretty damn hard job, sane or not. (And really, who is sane anyway?) I do feel strongly about abortion though. I was just trying to make a point. Your idea about giving women Money for their children seems like a good thing until you think further about the implications of that. Once you put a monetary value on human life, all hell would break loose.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      I totally believe you. I know my solutions to problems are a bit out there, but we all ready put a monetary value on human life. There are many people out there who go through with pregnancy so they can collect government checks through our welfare system. My way would at least help with the protection of our country. The abortion debate will never be solved. I don’t see it becoming illegal to get an abortion. The pro-choice, and pro-life will always be battling each other. My way also helps fix the economy. Think about all the money that would be funneled back into the economy. I still think my idea is out there but it fits into Timism

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