My Dilemma:Need Feedback on My Book Projects

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Blog, Blogging, Books, Children, Children's Books, Journal, Life, Philosophy, Poems, Poetry, Poetry Books, Thoughts, Writing
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I am sorry for missing posts the last two days, I am on a vacation. I left early Thursday to get my tattoo, and I was unable to write yesterday. I figured today my readers could give me some advice on my current book projects. I have run into a bit of a dilemma, because content currently overlaps upon on another. Please your feedback is greatly needed.

I just received great news from my illustrator Jeff. He told me he is finished with all pages of my children’s book “Dylan Thomas: Finds his courage.” We need to meet regarding the front and back cover along with the fluff page. I was hoping for a September 1st release date, but I think we are cutting it a bit close. I am unsure if we will hit that deadline. I am very excited about this project because it will bring me greater success than my poetry and other projects.  I am a quarter of the way finished with the next installment of the Dylan Thomas series. “Dylan Thomas: Bedtime Songs.”  I will be finished with it by September 1st.

As I stated in my earlier post I have finished my next three poetry books; “Yin,” “Yang,” and “Politico.” I need to check on the last one to make sure that it isn’t all ready copyrighted. The only thing I need to do is type it all out.  I have been giving away free copies of my book “My Descent into Madness” in exchange for a review to post on my website. I have been marketing the shit out of “My Descent, in order to help sell my newest books. I have used Craig’s List, my website, this blog, and Facebook. I have found Facebook has worked out the best. The problem is I have sent out well over 100 copies, and I have received only a few reviews. I am ok with this to a point, I am happy people are reading my book, but sad I have not gotten as many reviews.

I have three other books I would like to come out in early to middle 2011. The first is putting a year worth of this blog “The Life and Mind of No One Special.” I am going back and touching up the posts. I have noticed since my posts are rushed they do not come off as very good. I am honestly surprised I get as many people reading this with how poorly they are written. I am working on a book called “The Philosophy of Quotes.” The jist of this book is taking famous quotes and writing my philosophical interpretation of the quotes. I am in love with quotes, and writing about them. Finally I am working on a book called “My Journey through the Tao.” This book will have all 81 verses of the “Tao Te Ching.” The book will include the posts I do on this blog, along with a poem after each verse. I intend to go a bit deeper, and explore my effort to incorporate the Tao into my life, along with progress made on my journey.

Here is my dilemma; all three of these books along with some poetry posts would all intertwine. I think I would be cheating any of my buyers because they would read some of the same material. I doubt anyone would buy “The Life and Mind of No One special.” I think if they knew they could read all entries on my blog; it is highly unlikely they would pay to read it. I am not really looking at sales with this book, but I do intend to use it as my portfolio to send to agents, and use it to apply for any kind of journalist jobs.

I intend to market “The Philosophy of Quotes,” as a bathroom book, which I intend to write numerous volumes. I am unsure if this book would even sell. I see other books of this type have sold well on the market. I am also unsure about the “Tao Te Ching.” My wife has advised I put everything into just the “Life and Mind” book. I think the down fall of this would be the example I used above.

I would appreciate any feedback my readers can give me.

  1. ram0singhal says:

    divine……just my opinion… least on TAo TE CHING….
    if we write commentary in fewer words in modern context.than original verse will be a tribute to wisdom of Lao-tzu…

    knowing 26 alphabets of English, one can express without an end…

    give a thought…try one..

  2. dana says:

    can you use LIFE AND MIND as a portfolio, w/o publishing it?

    i love quote books and think that is a great idea, as well as the kids book- it is always hard to find a GOOD kids book.

    i am looking for reading material while sitting on a plane for a couple of days if you need anything preread…

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