Heaven in a Box

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Love, Poems, Poetry, Poetry Books, Relationships, Writing
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We seek our whole lives

Searching for true love

Our very own paradise in a box

Your loving gaze

A affectionate touch

Heaven in a box

True love serendipity in passing

Broken down hearts

Lead to mending bridges

In your arms

Your sensual touch

Heaven in a box

 Crossing paths

A shy advance

A passionate kiss

Upon my lips

Sheds past worries a drift

Heaven in a box

 We find our hearts

We find our love

Carnal ecstasy

From up above

In your arms

The past forgot

Wrapped within

An eternal love

This love

This passion

This sensual love making

Is my heaven in a box

From my up coming book “Yang”

By: Tim Lundmark

  1. johanna says:

    Lovely. Refreshing after some of the darker poems.

  2. ram0singhal says:


    quite beautiful….

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