C’mon Boys She Ain’t That Funny

Posted: August 30, 2010 in Blog, Blogging, Culture, Journal, Life, Love, Opinion, Personal, Philosophy, Relationship Issues, Relationships, Thoughts
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I was walking down the hallway the other day and heard two men laughing hysterically. As I rounded the bend I expected to see Louis C.K. leading the march. I chuckled to myself when I saw two older unattractive men walking with a younger attractive woman wedged in-between them. These guys were so close to her; I started to feel like my space was being violated. She continued to talk, they continued to laugh, and she continued to eat it up. Their laughs seemed insincere with hints of boaster behind them. I wanted to stop and interrupt this debacle to inform these men; neither of them have a chance of sleeping with this woman. Or do they?

Women; will you find a man more attractive if they are laughing at your jokes? I wonder if laughing at the jokes is only the surface level. I imagine it goes deeper than that. The obvious would say, it is not the laughing it is the attention she is receiving. I also think it shows the man is a good listener who hangs onto her every word. These may add up to change her initial assessment of these two men; because of this rare and important trait they may have improved their chances.

If the above is true; then we have a serious problem because there are two guys vying for her attention. Since these two men are not in an appropriate setting to say they are better than the other, I believe they compete with the loudness of their laughter. If one laughs harder than the other does that make him a better mate? These guys were both laughing, and appeared to be competing in this regard. Were they even aware of what they were doing? Is she aware of what is going on inside of her mind?

In the animal kingdom every species has developed mating rituals. A female may not even notice she is attracted to a male with more colors, or a louder call. She just is. Humans are different because on a sub-conscience level we know what the opposite sex wants in an ideal mate. We will behave in ways we normally wouldn’t because we are trying to land a mate. This is called the honeymoon stage; no one is who they really are during the honeymoon stage. Everyone needs to accept; the person they fall in love with is not the complete product. I compare this to toy commercials. If you watch these commercials the toys look like they are doing some awesome shit, but once you bring it home it never lives up to the expectation of what you saw on the commercial. When it comes down to it; she is not that funny, and he is not that interested. In the end we are all shitty toy commercials.

  1. d says:

    Now I don’t care who you are, That there is funny!!

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