In between projects, when feel uncreative I work on my upcoming book “The Life and Mind of No One Special.” This requires me to go back and edit my old posts and transfer them over into book form. In going back and reading these old posts I am stunned by how shitty they were written. I am almost ashamed I published these posts as they were, and I am even more surprised people have come back again to read it.

I started this blog back in January as a way to help keep my creativity juices flowing. I never really thought anyone would read it, so I just vomited all over the computer keys with my poorly thought posts. I have and still do write my posts during my lunch break; not a ton of thought goes into what I am going to write about. Something will come to my mind and I just go with it. I do not research my topic, nor do I go back and edit what I have written. Like I said earlier I never thought anyone would even see it.

I still follow this guideline; except now through practice I have learned a few things about writing. I still do not feel my writing is good especially when I read some of these talented writers out here. I have no formal writing training; I was not really around for school so basic sentence structure escapes me. My vocabulary is weak and I have no concept of grammar. This becomes apparent to me when I read posts by “The Rambling Taoist.” His ability to write is just mesmerizing. I like to think with another nine months of writing I will continue to get better. I know I have a long way to go, but I think it is a good sign I am able to see fault in my early posts.

I have thought about taking writing classes at my local community college; but this would simply not work. I do not have the time or the money to commit to such a thing. I know starting from square one and building on the basics would help me. I could always go enroll in my son’s elementary school, since public schools are free. I could just skip all my other classes. I don’t know what kind of role model I would be for my classmates and besides the principle would probably report me to the school cop for being truant. I could go purchase a writing or grammar book for dummies. The problem is when I try to read all the words become jumbled and it is hard for me to comprehend the material.

I just can’t figure out how to get better without knowing the basics. I think this is why I enjoy writing poetry because I can write anyway I want. I have had people praise and condemn me because I do not follow traditional poetry guidelines. The only poetry form I know is haikus. Beyond that I have nothing. I don’t think there should be guidelines or structure when it comes to poetry. I think poetry should be an open art form, and can be written exactly how the author intended it to be. I have found when painted in a box I cannot write for shit. This is why I enjoy this blog so much because there is no structure. This is a jumbled mess of random thoughts spewing from my brain. These two mediums define me as a person.

  1. Each person is born with innate abilities. My wife has a beautiful singing voice and is a whiz at harmonizing. I have trouble carrying a tune! My brother has an excellent memory. He can recite dialog word-for-word from his favorite movies. I have trouble remembering what anyone (including myself) said 5 minutes ago!

    I was born with an ability to write. (Neither my wife nor my brother are particularly good writers.) Ever since I was very young, people have complemented me for my writing style.

    You need to figure what your innate abilities are and then work to accentuate them. (I work very diligently at my writing and continue to work to improve and hone my skill.) And don’t give me this crap that you aren’t good at anything either!! Every person possesses certain “gifts”. Each of us has skills and abilities that flow more easily than others.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      I have yet to discover anything I am gifted at. I am not saying I am not gifted at something I just have not discovered what it is. I am 31 years old you think I would have figured it out. I would say I am gifted at being so negative about myself, but that hasn’t been working out to great for me.

      • You’ve talked about being good at your jobs before. Right now, you’re a staffing coordinator, right? That would suggest you have an ability for organization.

        You started a foundation. That would suggest you have the heart of a visionary.

        You write children’s books. That would suggest that you might be a nurturer.

        Your gifts are right in front of your nose. Quit looking past them! 🙂

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