“I Hate Writing” Al Alvarez

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Blog, Blogging, Personal, Poetry, Quotes, Thoughts, Writing
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“I hate writing”

Al Alvarez

Al Alvarez is a poet, writer of non-fiction books, and critic. He has published or been a contributor to nineteen books. He became a fulltime writer in his late twenties, during this time he was a poetry editor and critic for The Observer where he introduced the world to Sylvia Plath (one of my favorite poets) among others. Prior to becoming a fulltime author Alvarez taught at Oxford and in the United States. Alvarez was also an avid fan of poker writing two books based on the subject. 

This quote bothers me a bit. I cannot imagine someone who has realized their dreams, and achieved what many of us out there only hope to achieve. How can he hate what he does? My ultimate dream in life is to achieve what Alvarez has. I wonder if I ever do; will I feel the same way as he does. If you write for a living, over time does it just become “what you do?” I know there has been about three days where the thought of writing a post seemed like an annoying and daunting task, but as soon as I pull a subject out of my racing mind I enjoy what I am doing. How can Alvarez not be happy with achieving what many do not? Was this quote taken out of context and he was just joking?

I wrote a post a few months back “Can’t Take The Ghetto Out Of The Man.” I asked the question how come professional athletes just can’t stay out of trouble. I do not understand how white and black athletes cannot see what is right in front of them. They are the rare and select few who can say they are living their dream. I wonder if these select few would make the same comment and hate being a professional athlete. Many of these athletes have dedicated their entire lives to reach this pinnacle. How could they possible get bored with it?

Maybe I cannot comprehend this statement because I have yet to achieve my dream. Most nights I dedicate myself fulltime writing and pursuing this goal. I do this at the expense of those around me, yet I feel it is a necessity because something like this takes dedication not just a “oh I will do this once I have time” type of attitude. I want this so bad, and the time I spend on it shows. I would do anything to be able to sit at my computer during the day and write book after book. I do not think I would ever get sick of it because it is my passion. Just the thought of it now sends shivers down my spine. I can honestly say this is a comment I would never utter.

I am fully aware I only have a 1% chance of my dream coming true, but it is this 1% which drives me everyday. I do not think I am a very good blogger, but I do feel like I am a good poet. I also feel like I have a good thing going with the “Dylan Thomas” series. The style of this book is unique to other stuff out there. This could prove to be a good niche in the market; which may help me get noticed. My fear is my stuff really sucks, but no one has the heart to crush my dreams. I am worried I will get out there and do readings only to end up making a fool out of myself like those people on American Idol.

I am giving myself 5-10 years to achieve this. If I have not then I am going to just give up.  I am worried about the crash I will feel once I realize I have wasted so much of my

  1. elenasc says:

    Hello! I totally understand your point! I actually talked about my struggle for the same reason in my last post. Sometimes I wish so hard to be able to have more time to write and do what I like. Dreaming is good, gives you motivation, just do no forget to enjoy what you do and what you are working so hard for. Good luck!

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