I was outside yesterday and spotted a large bird soaring from above. I was debating over what kind of bird it was with one of my co-workers. He thought it was a hawk, but I disagreed at first. I thought it was an eagle, but I am only aware of two breeds of eagles living in Minnesota the bald and golden eagle. This bird seemed far too big to be a hawk or falcon, but we finally ended up agreeing on it as being a hawk. We just stood there staring in amazement. This bird was so majestic just gliding from above. There were times he seemed to hover in one place. As if we were not already lucky enough a bald eagle came into the picture and we were able to see both circling in the sky! The hawk was diving at the eagle trying to get it to stay out of its air space. I assumed by the way they were flying they were hunting.

I considered myself lucky to see something so beautiful. It is always fantastic to see an animal you do not normally see. I love birds so this sighting was extra special for me. My work is right by a lake so I have seen both bald eagles and golden eagles. The golden eagles I spotted about a month back, and was the first time I had ever seen that breed of eagle in my life. Birds bring me such a sense of serenity. I am not sure why; I just know I am mesmerized by them.

I am not so much into breeds you see everyday. I get extra excited spotting one which I consider rare. Not rare in extinction, but rare in my eyes. We put up a hummingbird feeder over the summer and I was skeptical over ever seeing one. I had only seen a hummingbird once in my life and I didn’t even get a good look at it. Sure enough hummingbirds started coming to this feeder everyday. The first time I saw one I was floored with joy. We were also lucky enough to have a colorful breed trying to get in our house everyday. They would fly into the window over and over again trying to get in. I figured they were canaries who got loose and were trying to find their way home. They didn’t quite look like canaries so I thought they may be a breed of finch. Between these two birds, hawks, falcons, and eagles I would say I had a fantastic summer.   

This beautiful site reminded me of the Tao. The hawk and eagle simply extended their wings took off and soared in the wind. They do not try to change the wind patterns; they just adapt, and accept this as it is. They are content with what the wind has to offer them. They never sit wishing for stronger gusts, they just use what is right in front of them. These birds are living essential lessons of the Tao. They are not even aware they are living in harmony with the Tao.

Perhaps this is the downfall of man. We have so many things in our lives which do nothing but complicate matters. We try so hard to fill our lives with things designed to bring us happiness, and we get lost in the hunt. We are raised to be guided by our ego always searching for more and living for what the future will bring rarely living in the moment. We have a hard time adapting to change. The eagle instinctually knows the only constant in life is change. We have a hard time adapting to the Tao’s changing breezes. These birds do not sit in fear over change they simply adapt.

I think the simple minds of animals keep them in constant harmony with the Tao and what is. We as humans are burdened with so much thought we lose touch with what is. The more I read and learn the lessons of the Tao; the more I realize if we were to all live her lessons on a daily basis we would have a perfect society. I can only hope one day I am able to live the lessons of the Tao everyday of my life. I can only hope I will be as knowledgeable of the Way like The Rambling Taoist. I have grown to admire him more than anyone I have ever known.

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