Every time I think I can no longer be surprised by my daughters’ mom Melissa Fleury, she proves to out due herself. This is the first time I have used her actual name in a post; as you know I have been lovingly referring to her as Satan. She was supposed to pick my daughter up for their four-hour visit two Sundays ago. It was my wife’s birthday weekend so we were not sure if the change would work or not. I told her I would let her know Sunday morning if we had a change in plans. I texted Satan in the morning letting her know she could take her. I never received a response back so I kept checking with my daughter to see if she had heard from her. It was getting close to the pick-up time so I decided to ask my daughter once again. She told me that her mom text her and can’t see her this week because she was up all night praying and is too tired to visit. Upon hearing this I was a bit shocked, but then started laughing over the absurdness of the excuse.

Melissa is a perfect example of religion gone wrong. She has always been in my opinion lacking normal intelligence. Because of this void of a brain it had been difficult dealing with her in the past, but once religion got a hold of her it totally twisted her up. Throughout the whole time she wasn’t seeing her daughter she often referred to how God was trying to “teach” my daughter a lesson by not allowing my daughter to see her and her sisters. She has referred to how she has been praying that our daughter would just admit that her husband was not mistreating her when in reality he had. It just amazes me how a semi-functional human being can be totally misguided by faith. She has gotten to the point of extremism.  

It is because of these things and others I had to stop them from talking on the phone without it being monitored. When she wrote her final letter to our daughter saying she was no longer going to see her anymore she stated how she had to pray really hard before the answer came (I am assuming from God) to her which was to no longer see her. I am not a Christian, but I am pretty sure God would not condone a mother abandoning her first-born daughter.

Either way this woman is insane. To say you cannot come and see your daughter because you are hung over from praying is just borderline psychotic. She still had to get up and take care of her other two daughters, but couldn’t take four hours out of her day to see her first-born child, which is much easier to care for then her younger daughters. The sad part is my daughter thought this was a normal acceptable excuse. I know she has come to grips with the fact that her mom is not a very good mom, but still. I think part of the reason she wasn’t coming was because there was a Green Bay Packer game on Sunday night. Her husband (Fuck Face) is from Wisconsin so he makes a big deal out of these games. I think he didn’t want to have to watch the girls so he made Melissa stay home. It has been one year and eight months since she has seen her sisters and this would have been a perfect time to allow her to see her them. I know my daughters’ youngest sister was just a baby the last time she saw her, and the other was only two. I am pretty sure they are unaware they even have a sister.

I am on the fence whether she was really up all night praying and was too tired to come and see her. The excuse just seems so out there and unbelievable… which is why I tend to believe it.

  1. johanna says:

    The devil does seem to be alive and well. Sometimes well meaning (or not) people are deceived by the devil. The devil presents himself as God and some people are none the wiser. It’s a shame your daughter is involved in this.

  2. Melissa Moir says:

    Wow Tim, I feel so bad for Bri. She does not deserve this kind of abandonment. I do belive she is a tough girl and will overcome this and become a strong, caring woman and mother someday. Melissa will have so many regrets as she ages and finally comes to her senses. Bri is lucky to have you and Nicole in her life. Love you Brother!

    • Traci says:

      I agree with you sister. One day, hopefully, Melissa will wake up and see what grief she has caused for her daughter and either try to make amends or spend the rest of her life in deep sorrow and regret. On the other hand Tim, you and Nicole are doing a wonderful job raising Briana and helping her deal with the situation with her birth mother and the fact of not knowing her sisters. You guys deserve a pat on the back!!

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      Melissa is a douche bag. She is evil and I am surprised she doesnt burn up when she walks through the church doors.

  3. Karen King says:

    What Melissa does not realize is Bri is the one hurting. After meeting Melissa I do agree she is lacking intelligence. One day Bri will realize who she really is. You and Cole are doing a fabulous job raising your kids dispite the challenges that are put forth.
    PS….maybe try that as an excuse for a sick day. LOL

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