“The tragedy of modern war is that the young men die fighting each other – instead of their real enemies back home in the capitals.
Edward Abbey

How true is this statement? It is so easy for our leaders to make decisions on war when it is not their lives or their children’s lives on the line. If we were to create a law stating any representative who votes to either continue the war in Afghanistan or whether to enter into a new war would be required by law to serve in said war. I wonder how many of them would vote to continue this current war we are in. I wonder how they would address this current crisis in North Korea. Can you honestly think Obama would continue the war in Afghanistan if he knew he would have to suit up and head off to war? I can guarantee you we would see zero votes regarding continuing or beginning any kind of war. This is an issue for me because we have leaders who only discuss such things in a heavily guarded palace far away from any dangers. It is easy to use human pawns in the name of democracy, when you are safe at home.

I would love to ask our elected officials if they are ready to be sent off to South Korea where they would need to face the fourth largest standing army in the world. I would love to see what their votes would be if they had army gear waiting for them at the air port. I wonder if the Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-il would continue to be a crazy fucker if he had to personally lead the troops into the south. Knowing how unstable he is I am sure he would be game for such things.

I just think our leaders need to stop using our children as toys to achieve an agenda which honestly makes no sense. There is no way we will win this war in Afghanistan. It is sad to know that each day another young man dies. It is sad to know that we as a country are creating widows and fatherless children all in the name of what? I understand we are trying to defeat the terrorist, but in reality that will never happen. You can kill one leader and immediately another one surfaces. Our presence in the Middle East is only throwing more fuel on the fire. We are actually creating more enemies with real motives to hate America. If we were to just get out of the Middle East 100% and let them work it out for themselves then the terrorists would lose reasons to attack us.

I believe we need to pull all of our troops out of the countries we are currently in. I think there is something like 30k troops in Germany. Why is this necessary? I think if we brought these troops home, and used them to protect our borders we would be safe, and over time our popularity with other countries would improve because we would no longer be playing the daddy role over the world. I do not think North Korea would hate us so much if we did not have so many troops in the south. I think we need to realize that there are countries out there that if they wanted to could squash us like a bug.

I do not believe our representatives would vote for war if they and their families would be required to serve. This statement is a powerful one if you think about it. They can vote for death and destruction as long as they and their families are safe. I think this shows they are not that for the war. Why is it okay for the sons and daughters of Americans to die in battle when they are not willing to die themselves? In the sixties and seventies there were millions of people who stood up against the war in Vietnam. I really do not understand why this is not happening today. We have been over in the Middle East for years and have spent trillions of dollars to keep this pointless unwinnable war going. Where are the protesters? If our leaders choose to keep this and any future war going then they need to suit the fuck up, or stop voting to kill our troops.

  1. First off, I think a lot or our representatives would still vote for war if the provision you mentioned was law. They would simply pull enough strings to make sure their progeny got to serve stateside OR were placed in locations directly out of harm’s way. They would brag that their family was “sharing the burden” like so many others without really sharing the burden at all!!

    Secondly, most wars these days aren’t about winning and losing; it’s about money! Who cares if we can’t win in Afghanistan? The longer we stay, the more money the big wigs pull in. It’s as simple as that.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      Awesome points! I never thought about the stationing aspect. We would need to re-construct the rule to say they need to serve front line. I can see how war = money. Would that then mean our tax dollars that is being spent on the war is actually going into the machine? I think Haliburten. I ask you this where are the hippie protesters? Why is no one really speaking up against the war? If they are how come we don’t hear about it. Agh this whole thing pisses me off!

      • Yes, our tax dollars are going to fund the machine. As you may know, our troops aren’t paid very well out in the field and they certainly aren’t taken care of when they come home!!

        There aren’t any hippie protesters because there are few, if any, hippies left. They are from a bygone age.

        Many in the current generation (me included) protested our hearts out between 1998 – 2007 or so. It rarely made the mainstream news and the machine attacked us (and is STILL attacking us) at every turn.

        Today, with so many people watching Faux Noows, we’ve turned from a nation of people into a nation of sheeple.

      • Tim Lundmark says:

        Very true we are sheeps led to slaughter. I don’t know why people are so blind to the truth.

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