Black is not a color

By definition it is the absence of light

A dark void


A suffocating black hole

How come black is what I see

It is everywhere inside of me

Where is MY ray of light?

To guide me through this cold dark night

I wonder alone

In this bankrupt mind

Hoping to find, a light inside

Reaching towards the heavens

Praying someone will answer

The black is a cancer

Eating at my will to live

I need some relief

To make it through

Without it

I am certainly doomed

No answers to my prayers

Black is what I know

My mind is color blind

“When he shall be judged, let him be condemned: and let his prayer become sin.”

Psalms Chapter 109 Verse 7

  1. chava8503 says:

    I can see how you are expressing yourself from the inside. One fact I would like to point out is that without darkness, there is no light. In this world we need the negative in order for there to be a positive, just like men need women and women need men.

    As far as the poem it self I like it, you really get your message through and make the reader feel what you feel.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      Welcome to the community. Thank you for the kind words. I wrote about this duality in my book “Yin” and “Yang” My problem is when I hit the dark it grabs a hold of me and doesnt let go

  2. dia.xD says:

    really good.!!
    ‘The black is a cancer
    Eating at my will to live’
    Very nice.:)

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