“We often give our enemies the means for our own destruction.”

When I hear this quote I think of our involvement in the Middle East and in South Korea; just to name a few. Our involvement in these regions affairs causes tension throughout the globe. This involvement paints America into the self-righteous parenting role, those whose side we approve of calls us heroes; those we disapprove of call us villains. We sit atop our throne of democracy and condemn every single other nation for doing things in ways that we do not “approve” of. This type of pompous positioning is why we are not favored throughout the world. If we deem something to be a problem we stick our noses in where it doesn’t belong. It is this meddling that actually creates more enemies for our nation.

They see us as their enemies because of our involvement in various disputes throughout the world. The radical groups are able to recruit new members based off the propaganda spread by their organizations. They sell America as the evil step-father who is out there oppressing them while in America we live so great. Because we are aligned with their enemies, we then become the enemy. My thing is if we were never involved then there would be no radical groups spreading hatred because we would just be chillin’ at home eating pizza and watching some television.

The North hates America because we are backing the South. If we had zero troops in the South, and just allowed the two to work it out themselves then we would not be breeding a nation of people raised and programmed to hate everything America stands for and every American within it. If we had no involvement in this war then what ammunition would the North have to hate us? The fact is if we were not involved they wouldn’t hate us as much. Not only are we aligned with the South; their greatest enemies we are directly involved in sanctions levied against the North. I understand the leadership in the North is filled with insanity, but that should be all the more reason to stay as far away from this situation as possible. What are we gaining from being involved with this civil war? What is the worst that could happen if you just let the two work it out for themselves? There may be a war and many would die, but should this really be our concern? I say no.

Now let’s take a look at the Middle East. I think the main reason the Muslim nations hate us is because we back Israel their most hated enemy. This is the vocal point for anti-American sentiments, and is a great recruiting tool for new members. There is a deep hatred over there in the Middle East towards Israel, and Israel is one of our greatest allies. This allegiance we formed with Israel is why the Middle East hates us so much. If we would have just stuck to our own borders perhaps 9/11 would have never happened. We are adding fuel to the fire everyday we stand tall with Israel.

I think it is time we step up to the podium and say “all right look you guys we are pulling out and will let you figure this whole thing out yourselves.” I can guarantee you if we were able to do that we would stop giving the extremists reasons to hate us, because we would just become another country in a far off place. The Muslim extremists don’t seem to hate Russia or China. The reason for this is simple they are not meddling in their affairs. I would be willing to gamble that all planned and executed terrorist attacks have probably been against those countries who are involved in the Middle Eastern countries affairs. I think the only time we should consider sending troops out is if there is a full blown world war.

We need to live by example, and the example should be that of peace and harmony within our own borders. We need to become a nation which is admired throughout the world, not for our military might, but for our peaceful society. We should pull everyone of our troops off foreign soul, and bring them home. I am in no way saying abandon our armed forces. We should continue to build our military to become the mightiest army in the world, not because we plan on using it, but because protecting our boarders should always be a priority.  

We need to rid our government of crooked politicians, and become a nation for the people by the people. If we become admired and respected then perhaps when we speak out against something it may carry more weight throughout the world. If we were to funnel all the money we currently use for war, and occupation we would have enough funds to create programs in this country aimed at bettering our society. We can still be the parents of the world except this time we can lead by example instead of waving our fingers in disapproval.    

Aesop or Esop (620-564 BC), known for the genre of fables ascribed to him, was by tradition born a slave and was a contemporary of Croesus and Solon in the mid-sixth century BC in ancient Greece. Aesop’s existence remains uncertain, and no writings by Aesop survive, but numerous fables attributed to him were gathered and set down in writing across the centuries and in many languages in a storytelling tradition that continues to this day; various collections under the rubric Aesop’s Fables are currently available. In these stories animals speak and have human characteristics; see for example the Tortoise and the Hare or the Ant and the Grasshopper.

*****I have a question and need feedback from my readers. “The Philosophy of Quotes” is an ongoing series of posts. I have like in this post added a short bio of the author of the quote, and times I have not. Do you enjoy reading a short bio or should I just leave it out?*****

  1. Johanna says:

    Don’t you believe in standing up for what is right? Would you walk right by a man being robbed and not try to stop it even though you might be hurt? America must take an interest in what other countries are doing. If we do not defend others, the offending country will get stronger and eventually challenge our freedom. Look at the big picture.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      I do believe we should stand up for what is right, but not to the extreame we are doing now. I think there are so many problems within our own boarders we are neglecting our people to occupy other peoples. I just think we need to focus on us and let others be. Now the tricky part of my argument comes when we look at Iran. Are we supposed to just sit by while they build nukes?? I think if we had lived by a hands off policy Iran would have no beef with us, but now we are number one on their target list. I think if we ever got to a point like WWII then we would need to step in because that s**t was just pure evil.

  2. renxkyoko says:

    Sometimes I don’t know what to think about this anymore. We just heard news that a bomb blew a busful of passengers in the Philippines, right in the heart of the capital, and the suspected perpetrators were of a certain religion. The Philippines is composed of 7,100 islands , and only one island is completely Muslim, the rest of 99% are Christians, 90% of which are Catholics.. The rest of 1% of the Muslim population in the Philippines have migrated to urban areas and cities, and given the religious fervor of the Muslims, I’m afraid the Philippines are in for some terrible trouble ahead. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but , bottomline, why can’t Muslims just accept other religions, and quit calling non-Muslims infidels that must be eliminated? I’m not a prejudiced pwerson, but news like this makes me angry, really angry.

    • Tim Lundmark says:

      The Quran has over 190 or so passages which if misread can lead to extreamist. I have read the Quran and I can tell you I understand why Muslims are the way they are. It does not directly say in the Quran to kill infidels (but remember I haven’t read the whole thing) but it does say it is okay to kill those who are non-believers. I think Christianity has been a destructive force over history but nothing like the muslims are today. They recruit the weak and transform them into killers. It doesn’t help that the west keeps showing themselves as the enemy only adding more fuel to the fire. In my opinion if we keep down this same path it will only get worse

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