“All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling.”
Oscar Wilde

I consider myself a poet and I can tell you every one of my poems stem honestly from my very being. These poems are not written just for the sake of writing poetry they are written because my soul needs to bleed, and the way I am able to express myself is through the art of poetry. I have never sat down with the intent to write poetry, it just comes to me without notice. I just need to be in a position to write it down because ten minutes later it will be gone. The way it works for me is I get to the point where my mind begins to swell with so many emotions the levees of my psyche just break down and everything just rushes out. This will last for three or four months and two hundred poems later my mind is put back together and everything is back to normal. During this “normal” period I couldn’t write a poem even if I tried.

If Oscar Wilde is correct in his statement then my poems are not poems at all they are just verbal vomit. I think perhaps if I sat down and focused hard enough I could write something based off my creativity instead of my emotions. My “Dylan Thomas” books are written in poetry form, yet stem from my imagination, but I am never very serious about it. I get a story idea in my mind and anywhere from thirty minutes to eight hours; I have written another edition to this series. I can do this, but I am unable to write poetry just for the sake of writing it.

I have gone back to read my most recent two hundred poems, and I have found some real stinkers (which were pulled from the final manuscript), but for the most part I feel I have created a beautifully emotional piece which is near and dear to me because it is in essence my turmoil which is put into words. I read some of them and I get shivers because I remember how close I was to the edge and in some cases ready to jump off the cliff. My family is unable to read my first book “My Descent into Madness,” because it stirs up to many emotions, which is why I feel they haven’t picked up any of my new books. I have had reviewers tell me they actually cried to some of my poems. In my opinion if my words are able to stir that much emotion then there has to be something good about it.

I have noticed and received similar feedback that my poems are rather raw and simplistic. Perhaps because of this simplicity I am not able to create masterpieces like my idols. I would really love to take some writing classes to hone my skills. I have no idea what poetry really is, the only style I know about is haiku. I think if I learn more about poetry and its styles I may grow to write better stuff.   

I have not been able to write any “emotion” poetry since I finished my book “Trapped Within My Illness.” My brain has just completely shut down to not only writing poetry but it has also crossed into my blog, which I have always been able to write regardless of where I am in my cycle. I am going to make it a personal goal of mine to try and write a poem just to write one and see what kind of poetry I create. I think the first thing I need to do is find a subject and just go with it. I am currently in my poetry hibernation stage so maybe this is the best time to do it. I think I have a about a month or two before my brain swells to the point of busting open again, so I need to be quick on this.

  1. I’ve written it before, but I will write again: Quit worrying about what anyone else thinks about your poetry!! If writing poetry serves as nothing more than a personal catharsis, then it is beautiful in its own right. Period. End of story.

    • Tim Lundmark says:


      I know I know. Yesterday’s and today’s types of posts seem to irk you. Personally I think my poetry is awesome, and the fact that it is theraputic makes it that much better. I still have a dream of getting one of my poetry books published by a real publishing company. This dream is intensified by just how hard it is for a poet to get their stuff published. I have come to terms that my poetry will prob. never get picked up by a publishing house, but the sheer difficulty in doing this drives me.

    • Traci says:

      Very well said Rambling—I agree 100%!!
      Tim~ If you continue to worry about what others think of your writing eventually the worry will suffocate you to the point that you will just quit writing all together. This is a good outlet for you, you should keep it up and write from your heart. Did you know that Jacob has started to get into writing poetry “like my uncle” as he puts it, and he hopes that he can become as good as you are one day?

  2. jennirey says:

    “It just comes to me without notice.”

    Mine too.. Its like a window opens and out it comes..
    I say Hooey Phooey on “Oscar Wilde” maybe he did not really feel… I say anyone that can write about an emotion they are not really feeling is faking it.. so Tim Keep on with your poetic muse..If it makes you happy that’s what it is all about..

  3. bersabeh says:

    hey!!! i might be just 19 but i stringly believe that poetry is the only way we can get in touch with our human side!!! i love poetry and i will always do !! so man go on with your dream!!!

  4. bersabeh says:

    hey!!! i may be only 19 years old but i strongly believe that poetry is the only way to save ourselves from destruction: this is a materialistic world that we are living in, so inhumane and ugly!!! poetry is our life poetry is my life!!

    • Bersabeh,

      Welcome to the community! I love poetry as well. Since I finished my newest book, I have been unable to write very much. I just cant seem to find the flow or the words, but as I said in my post today (25th) I have been using my writing talents towards the Dylan Thomas books. I would love some feedback from you regarding my poetry

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