What Happens When I Run Out Of Things To Say?

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Blog, Blogging, Journal, Personal
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I am proud to say I have now been writing this blog for a little over a year. This entry is my 276th post and I must say it has been a joy writing each and everyone. I was sitting here the other day looking at my bank of posts, and the numerous Post It Notes covering my desk filled with thoughts I want to write about. I sat here thinking to myself what will happen when I run out of things to say. At this point do I just stop, or do I dig down deep to find new things to write about? I would imagine when I get to this point in all likelihood the joys of writing may escape me. I have already noticed that I have started to write about the same subject matter several times, and I am sure in these posts I have made the exact same points just a different delivery. Is it acceptable on a blog to write about the same topic several times? In doing this am I risking boring my readers with re-hashed ideas which are just tweaked differently with some added material? I have worked very hard at trying to keep this site fresh and interesting, but should a blogger stop blogging if they lose or have run out of material?

I know Trey’s advice would be that it isn’t my readers I should be concerned about it should be about the enjoyment I receive from writing. I hold this close and I do still enjoy writing, but at the same time I do try and deliver quality posts for my readers to enjoy. This is a huge goal of mine which I hope to continue years down the road, but I wonder how long I can sustain this style with fresh ideas. When I first started this I had so much on my mind to say that post after post just came to me one after another. There were so many pent up things and ideas I wanted to get off my chest and as a result original posts just kept coming to me. As time has passed I feel like I have almost said most of what had been weighing heavy on my mind for so many years. In the beginning I would get multiple ideas for posts and I would write them down and come back to them later. I am still getting original ideas but it seems like I have been getting less and less of these types of ideas.  

To combat this lack of original ideas I have tried to come up with some reoccurring themes I could use to help inspire me to write posts. I have tried a few different themes such as “The Philosophy of Quotes” and most recently “The Philosophy of Lyrics.” I have also chosen to break down each verse of the Tao Te Ching which I feel made for good posts. I have tried a few other themes such as “Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Rap Music,” which I had only wrote one post then haven’t even tried to do another one. I am sure I will come up with some interesting original themes which I hope end up being enjoyable to my readers. The last thing I want is for this site to become stale. I am very critical of myself and often times over critique my writings. It is very rare I write something I am truly proud of. When I press the publish button I almost always think to myself that I could have done a better job at writing that post.

I enjoy doing the “Philosophy of Quotes” posts because I am a huge fan of quotes, and they inspire me to think of something different. I really enjoyed the one post I did for “The Philosophy of Lyrics.” I can see myself using this theme several times in the future. I still feel that nothing can beat an original post, where I grab a thought out of the air and just go with it. I have also discovered I enjoy writing personal posts to where I am just getting shit off my chest, but I worry these types of posts end up being garbage material. When ever I write a personal post such as this I always worry that the subject matter may be dull. I can see the post I wrote on addiction being worthy of your time to read, but I am always unsure of posts like this one. I do hope to get back to reading the Tao Te Ching I have kind of slacked on that as of late and I should really dive back into meditating and studying.

I am thinking instead of writing a post Monday through Friday as I have been doing perhaps I will change that and start doing posts Monday Wednesday and Friday. I have often wondered if writing a post five times a week is a bit of overkill. I think if I switch to writing three posts a week instead of five it will allow me to showcase my better posts instead of having them get lost in the shuffle of the next day.  This may also free up the time I spend on here and use it for finishing my “Dylan Thomas” books.

I would like to turn this question over to my readers. I am in desperate need of your feedback on if this type of personal post is boring. I always worry that a reader will not care to hear my trivial thoughts on trivial topics. It feels nice to journal my thoughts, and like Trey would say than this should be enough, but I still worry these thoughts should stay off a public forum. Like I said before the last thing I want is my posts to come off as bland. I have written posts such as this in the past, but I always end up deleting them. Let me know your thoughts.   

  1. I guess it is time I should let you in on a little secret: All blog posts (heck, ALL writing) is rehash. There is a finite amount of subject matter to report on and philosophize about.

    Because of this, nothing you, I nor anyone else writes about is original. We each rehash topics that have been rehashed and rehashed and rehashed. And there is no way to escape it!!

    The trick, of course, is to rehash something in a different way. You mentioned that you are on post #276. On my blog, I’m working on post #4,510 (over 6 years). That post will cover ground I’ve already covered before and ground thousands have covered before me.

    The way I see it, as long as a person is alive and sentient, there will be ideas to write about. We each need to take breaks, from time to time, to recharge the creative battery, but there will always be fodder available.

    • Trey,

      4,510! That is impressive. Since you are my longest standing reader would you answer the question of if this type of trivial personal post is boring? I do enjoy just free writing journal style, but I do not know if it belongs as a post.

      • What is personal? What is social? Every problem, disease, disorder, syndrome or condition that you & I may have is shared by millions of others. We each have a unique spin on our own version, but it is not that dissimilar from others.

        As Leianne states below, the big question re writing is quality. A writer could choose the most mundane topics and, if that writer allows their creativity to shine through, you can keep your readers riveted to every word. The same is true of a writer you chooses topics that are overused.

  2. Leianne says:

    Blog because you like doing it and not because you’re forced to do so. Talk about something that you like and not because it’s what you think what others like. I don’t remember where but I read from someone’s blog that the quality of blog is better than the quantity – quality over quantity.Anyway, just saying. 🙂

    • Leianne,

      I never feel forced to write. I do it because I enjoy doing it, and I get so pumped to think other people are enjoying my writing. The main question I was trying to ask was if these types of journal posts are considered quality?

  3. The big question now before us is: Who is “The Random Thinker”? Has he or she absconded with Tim? 😀

    • Trey,

      Name change is to try and undo the damage which has already been done. I wrote a post about this yesterday I just never published it. I will publish it next week. Sorry to use the initials “RT” look at it as a compliment of inspiration 🙂

      • Ya know, we could take this even a step further! You could make it a requirement that everyone who joins “the community” has to adopt a moniker that utilizes RT. The possibilities are endless…
        * The Redundant Troglodite
        * The Recessive Troubadour
        * The Recalcitrant Teetotaler
        * The Remedial Tinkerer
        * The Rambunctious Tumbler

  4. brendamarroy says:

    Hey Tim,
    As a blogger and a writer, I relate to your struggle. I too, sometimes just sit and let my thoughts gel within so I can get clear on what to put down on paper. There’s no way we can know what our readers need so I believe we just need to come from the heart. Most of my writing is from my heart and I trust that people will get what I’m saying and be interested. We live in a superficial world, so something said that is real is very appealing to many.
    Write from your heart, write what matters to you. Personally, I look for your post every day to see what’s on your mind. I encourage you, as I encourage myself, to keep writing.

  5. Honestly, my first gut reaction was, “Don’t worry so much.” If people are still following you, you must be doing something right! Not everyone will have read all your posts anyway, and if you can’t remember what you have written about before, we probably can’t either.
    However, I do realize the value of a certain amount of introspection, and it is likely inevitable in someone interested in philosophy.
    Write when you have something to say on whatever moves you or intellectually stimulates you or makes you ticked. If it matters to you it will probably strike a chord with others. If you don’t write every day, that’s okay too, so don’t feel pressure to crank out something when the muse isn’t with you. Tomorrow will bring new thoughts and events.

  6. trankins78 says:

    I’ve been writing for about 2 years now and I have often felt the same way. But I don’t think there’s no exact rhyme or reason to blogging. I do it, because like you, I have so much to say and if at least one person finds some insight, enjoyment, or blessing from it I’m successful. The important thing is that you enjoy doing it! It’s therapy and my writing has evolved, as my life has. I think you will notice the same, as time goes on.

    • Trankins,

      Welcome to the community and thanks for stopping by. I was never much for school when I was younger so I never learned spelling, proper grammar, punctuation or any writing skills what so ever. I managed to get through college with my creativity to make up for my short commings. I have gone back and read the first three months of my blog, and I have seen tremendous growth in my writing. I never went and studied how to write I just got better with daily practice. It feels good to see my evolution. There are probably hundreds of things I need to learn to get better, I hope one day I can take a few writing classes to tighten up my skills

      • I agree that your writing style and content have evolved. That said, your overall spelling, grammar and, particularly, punctuation still need some work. To offer but one example, you recently entitled a post, “Another Challange Against God.” The second word in the title is misspelled. It should read, “Another Challenge Against God.”

      • Trey,

        Oh no!! I just changed it. Thank you I can’t believe I missed that. I suppose misspelling in your title is a horrible thing. So let me ask you are these shortcomings off-putting to where it makes reading the post difficult? Are these mistakes dramatically noticable?

  7. Tim,
    MOST Americans these days are not proficient in spelling, grammar or punctuation. So, it’s not off-putting at all. That said, it is not infrequent that these types of mistakes can make it difficult to understand some of the points you raise. The result of this is that people can apply their own biases and prejudices to these quasi-mangled sentences and so come away with a meaning that may (or may not) be quite different than your intent.

    • Trey,

      I am a bit concerned right now. This must be a deep learning issue because I am completely blind to the mistakes. Most of my posts are about me trying to get a feeling, thought, point, or idea out there and I hate to know that I am missing the mark. I have thought about picking up a beginner’s book on composition, but I have a hard time learning from strictly reading. My knowledge on this topic is so elementary I could not even tell you what an adverb or adjective is. I have tried learning this in the past, but my brain either can’t grasp it or rejects it all together. It was just a year ago where I was finally able to grasp the proper use of “their” and “there.” With that being said I am sure I still misuse it at times. I think my only option is to enroll at the local community college and take remedial English/composition classes. The problem is time and money, but if I want to get better at my “craft” than this may be the only option. Perhaps I could also look into hiring a tutor. The last thing I want is to be writing poor posts because of my ignorance. I feel lucky that I have an editor for my DT books. What would you recommend??

      • On the most elemental level, you should use the spell check function built into WordPress or your browser before publishing a post.

        My spelling skills use to be excellent, but over the years, I’ve really slipped. Because I type all my posts in my Firefox browser and this browser features automatic spell check, I am able to catch most misspellings before they see the light of day.

        Some people prepare their posts in MS Word, Open Office Writer or some other word processing program. Most such programs offer not only spell checking but grammar and punctuation checking too. Utilizing a program of this nature would help you to avoid the most basic errors.

        The only problem in utilizing these strategies, however, is that many people don’t learn how independently to correct and catch their own mistakes. This problem can be mitigated somewhat by paying attention to the mistakes the program automatically catches and to remember them in the hopes of not replicating each in the future.

        If you want to learn more about the rules of English composition, I am confident that you could find a free or inexpensive study program online to work on at your own pace.

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