I have always looked at our country, and I have seen many blemishes on the face of this once great nation. There are so many perverted and corrupt things going on right under our noses, its enough to make you sick. We as a nation have been sold out by the representatives we have elected to look out for our best interests. This act of treason alone should be enough for an uprising! The way this government is run, and the way the system is rigged to produce faceless consumer slaves is insanity. What’s worse is this very same system which we keep running by working ourselves to death and consuming more than we can afford, consistently shits on us around every corner.

I have always been baffled as to why the masses are not storming the streets demanding things change. When I first started this blog I was optimistic my words would someday lift the veil over people’s eyes and allow them to see clearly. I want nothing more than to be able to make an impact and change things, but the task seems daunting and impossible. Because of this I suffer from the thinking “I am just one person what can I possibly do?” I am certain there are many other people who see things for what they are, but probably suffer from this same type of thinking. Because of this nobody does anything, and thus we all fall back into our proper places as cogs in the machine. If somehow, all the enlightened individuals were to come together we could make a real difference. As individuals we may not be heard, but united as one voice we can become a positive vehicle for reform. I felt confident that through my writing I could start some grassroots movement aimed at taking our country back.

I was so pumped when I came up with an idea to start a grassroots movement called “The American Republic Movement (ARM).” I was wide-eyed and optimistic about this idea. I was proud of myself for taking the first step I have always wanted to take. I created a page on my newly formed website dedicated to the movement. I started to write more political posts urging others to come together in unity and demand our officials start working for us instead of corporations and special interests. When I started this I dreamed the movement would take off just as the Tea Party Express was taking off. I felt this movement was going to make a real difference and by the time my children entered adulthood they would be living and working in a just system.

I was all gun-ho about this, until I received a slap of reality from Trey. He informed me that he worked for years trying to make a change and the way our system is set up it is impossible to defeat a two-party system. I trusted Trey and I knew he was wise, but I still thought that maybe I could make a difference. I continued to focus more of my posts on politics and the issues, and kept my ARM page up on my website. After awhile I was receiving no interest on my website contact page and little support from my readers. I became discouraged and pulled down the ARM page of my website and took a step back and stopped writing so heavily on political topics. I hit that wall where I couldn’t change even a hundred people so I just gave up and submitted to my corporate masters. I look back now and realize I just created this website with absolutely no marketing, and my blog had only been up a few months. I still hope as my readership continues to grow, and as I continue to write about political matters I am able to get even one person to be able to look through a lifetime of programming, and see things as they are. Perhaps if this one person I get to take a second look at things, may be the person who can successfully unit people together for positive change.

In the end the truth is we can make a difference in our country, but in order to do so we need to stand in unity as one voice. A hundred men and woman may be muffled, but what will our government do when a hundred million men and woman are protesting and marching the streets demanding change. We need to find people willing to run for office, even if it is at the lowest form of government, who actually cares about this country, its people, and its future. In time with the people taking the streets demanding this country changes, our current politicians will feel the pressure and realize they can no longer rule through corruption. They will be held accountable for the promises they make to us while they are running for election.

The process of ushering in real reform in this country may take many years and in reality may not show during our lifetime, but perhaps this country can become great for future generations to come. I think we all owe it to ourselves and our children to be proactive in bettering our country. We are going to hell in a hand basket and if we continue to just sit ideally by hypnotized by the opiate of the media, before you know it this country will completely collapse, and the rich will finally achieve their ultimate goal of complete control.

  1. Frank Vidal says:

    Sign me up, now there are two of us. This is how we can change everything, by communicating and collaborating instead of fighting and bickering. We’re on the same page and I truly believe that between all of us, we can write our own, new book! We are all we have and we can do better! Well done!

    • Frank,

      Welcome to the community! Thank you I needed to hear just a sliver of hope for our humanity.

      • Frank Vidal says:

        It feels like home already. I strongly feel that there are more of who think and feel like we do than anyone can imagine. Thank you for reminding me that we can accomplish practically whatever we want, we just have to want it enough and do it together!

  2. I live in a country where the leader can shut down the body of elected representatives at will, in order to avoid an embarrassing subject while an international event was going on, ending all the bills in progress, and make them start all over again when they reassemble, and hardly anyone bothered to get very upset.
    What backward third-world repressive regime do I live in?
    The name of the place is Canada, and our Prime Minister did this very thing before the Vancouver Olympics rather than face the heat over detainees (presumably suspected terrorists )with no prospect of being charged or tried for anything while the world watched.
    Now, if President Obama shut down Congress early for his own political expedience, do you think that Americans would stand for that? I think that they would be in the streets!
    If you think Americans are apathetic, look north. I love Canada, but as a people we are unbelieveably unwilling to get off of our duffs for a political cause!

    • Jodi,

      I do not know very much about Canadian political structure, but I am putting it on my learning list. As for your question I believe people would not be marching the streets. I think some news stations (FOX) would be all up in arms, but I doubt the people would even pay it a second mind.

  3. Trey N-E-V-E-R suggested that you stop trying; it was more a caution to be realistic. Passion can only take a movement so far, there most be organization as well.

    My main critique of your posts about ARM is that I think you misjudge the strictures already in place in the “system.” I also advised that you must be ready for a long, dirty, and painful fight. It could well take a toll on your finances, family and your own sanity.

    It’s not something to be entered into lightly. If you are able to generate some momentum in your movement, the powers that be will move to crush you. So, you must be prepared to suffer consequences for your devotion to the cause.

    • Trey,
      Sorry if I misquoted you. I know you never told me to stop trying you just gave me a healthy dose of reality while telling me of your own struggles on the topic. I do not have deep politicle knowledge on all topics so any knowledge I may have missed or misjudged please let me know. I cannot be a voice of change if I do not have all the facts.

  4. wdednh says:

    Nice and interesting blog.

  5. brendamarroy says:

    Hi Tim,
    My husband and I have wondered for a while why there is no grassroots movement going on to take our country back. However, I don’t think a movement like this can start on the internet. Like the Rambling Taoist stated, there will be consequences to pay. Our elected representatives are not going to lie down and give up their corporate connections and slavery easily.

    I believe there is a huge number of people in this country who would love to see America returned to the state she once knew…but you’re not going to see a sign up sheet in public. People are afraid for their lives and the lives of their families because these political fat cats who are invested in greed are not going to give up. If they cared about the American people they’d take their hands out of the pockets of the corporations who run this country.

    • Brenda,

      Very well put. I can see why no one would want to sign up online. I suppose the best I can do is just continue to give my opinions and hope it reaches people. I am unsure if I have the ability to start something like this on a local level. I am sure that is a full time job plus overtime.

  6. gingerclub says:

    Hi Tim,

    Does not any grassroot movement start from the bottom? I think there is so much going on in society at large outside of the official political establishment. What is the point of demontrations and taking it to the streets? I agreaa with Brenda, the internet is the only really true democratic platform where one finde people who think alike. I have never experienced so much change and so much waking up throughout societies as of now. Raw food movements, social entrepreneurs, anti-nuclear movements, people trying to establish small communities based on their own economic and social values. I love to live right now and to see all this change. All this despite the so called establishment. You are not alone:-)

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