In August I will be getting my yearly birthday tattoo. I originally thought I may add color to the Buddha/Bonsai tree on my left arm, but now I am thinking of something much different. I came across this optical illusion last year which I thought would make a really kick ass tattoo you can check it out here (It is the good/evil picture.)

Ever since I saw this picture I have been chomping at the bit to get it added to the work I already have on my body. The question is where should I get it? I have always said I would never get sleeves on my arms, but when I look at them it appears they are turning out that way. There is not much room to add individual pieces. The only options I have is to build pieces around my existing tattoos. This can really only be done with the consult of my artist. When I look at my arm I am having a really hard time trying to find a place where it will look good with my existing work.

I thought about my back where I only have one tattoo, but I just don’t think it would look very good back there. I feel like it may look out of place and off balance. I may add it back there if the good/evil was a centerpiece to a larger tattoo. Perhaps I could have an angel on the top and a demon on the bottom with them fighting for my soul in the middle. This may look good but the overall scope of the work would take a few years to finish. I have zero tattoos below my waste, and unless I decide to get a tattoo on the back of my legs this will probably remain the same. I have two tattoos on my chest, but I cannot see this tattoo idea fitting anywhere on there. I refuse to get a tattoo on my stomach or my sides because of my belly. I am confident I will one day lose my belly; at this point I will consider getting a tattoo in these areas.

This means there are only two places left to get this tattoo my neck or my front chest shoulder area. I think the front shoulder area may look good, but I am very symmetrical when it comes to my tattoos. When I got my tattoo on my wrist I had to get one on the other. Same goes for my arm or chest tattoos. I am just not sure this is the best place to put this specific piece. I would end up with anxiety and I wouldn’t be able to wait another year to get my next tattoo on the other side. This leaves my neck as the next best option.

I have always wanted a tattoo on my neck for as long as I can remember, but I have never come across something I found worthy to put in such a visible place. I feel this tattoo fits the bill as a worthy tattoo. I have showed this design to a few people without really explaining what it is and I love how some people see “good” while others see “evil,” because of this I think it is a unique idea which works out great for me. I think if I am able to get this it may end up being my favorite tattoo yet.  

I have asked several people if this would make a good neck tattoo and the responses have been in favor of moving forward with this idea. I have also placed a poll on this blog asking my readers opinions on this topic. I am 98% positive this is going to be my next tattoo I just need to meet with my artist and find the best size and placing. I was really excited about the piece I got last year, but I must say I am far more excited about this idea. I think it will make a great addition to my overall work. The bad part is I need to wait four months before this can become a reality.

I wrote this post on the day I put the poll up on this blog to see my reader’s response. My wife is 100% against me getting a tattoo on my neck, so I decided to let my readers be the decision maker. The results are 37.5% say I should move forward with the neck tattoo and 62.5% say I should not. It looks like I will not be getting this tattoo on my neck. This is really okay with me because I met with my artist and we decided the best place was going down on my right forearm.

I am still very excited about this tattoo since he showed me the placing of the piece. This tattoo goes great with the existing themes I have on my body. I just need to figure out how to get my wife to agree with me so I can get the work done way before my birthday in August.

Thank you for all those who took the time to vote.

  1. I’m not really into tattoos but i found the site link to Illusions great. You showed me something today. I glad I thought to see more. Thanks.

  2. Karen says:

    You know Tim there are some things you need to respect when it comes to your wife’s opionion, and this is one of them. I checked the optical illusion website and saw the Good but not the evil. That would be cool in the right spot. I still can’t see the man’s face in the coffee beans….my right brain must not be well developed.

  3. You should be glad that I’m not Nicole because I detest tattoos. I have yet to figure out why people think that tattoos and the ball bearing stuck in the tongue thing are good ideas.

    To prove I’m even stodgier than that, I don’t have any earrings, lip rings, nose rings or as much as wedding ring, for that matter.

  4. ((YAY!)) I love ink! I am inked! Although I admit you might wanna re-think the neck idea. You could probably pull it off if you were tattooed, white, biker-trash (that’s how the crazy hubby refers to us), but if you want to present yourself in any different light, probably not (sadly, many people are judgmental and can’t see beyond superficial things). Or unless you’re reeeeally confident, then to hell with them!

  5. DP says:

    This weekend I was out with said special-girl that I’ve been speaking about for a month or so and an older gentlemen (around 40-50) was wearing two full sleeves of tats and a backwards modern flat top hat (you know, like the one 50 cent and Travis Barker wear) and I thought to myself, “What a different perspective and existence.”

    I’m a born-artist that has been in the corporate world since the beginning of my professional career (2007 straight to Wall Street) and I’ve tempted the idea of getting a tattoo. Maybe you are a stronger person than I am, but I know there would be negative consequences directly or indirectly (you can’t see them if I wore a long sleeve shirt like I do every day). I know if I got one, I’d get more (all designed by me of course) similar to a mural.

    Alas, I do believe in the connotations of tattoos and general opinion of others and my family. Maybe too much. Listen to your wife, I don’t think a neck tattoo is a good idea but if you have to get one, make it a work of art.

    • DP,

      I am not getting the neck tat. My artist and my wife talked me out of that one. I say if you can cover it up you should get a tat. There really is nothing like it! The whole process begining to end is just wonderful, and afterwards you have a unique piece of art on your body. You are right though once you get one, you will always get more. The one I am getting for my b-day will be number 10 for me

  6. Luckily, unlike the Hebrew and Arabic words and phrases tattoos I discussed previously, Latin phrases are fairly easy to translate for the sake of tattooing. Wikipedia offers an extensive list of Latin phrases , many of which make for beautiful and inspirational tattoos.

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