Decision to Say Goodbye


Sorry I have not written in some time, but I have been entrenched in this book I am writing. I have been thinking a lot lately of what I want my identity to be. On one hand I am working towards getting my children’s books published, and on the other I write deeply personal and opinionated adult material. I know this adult writing will not lead anywhere, but I do have a small sliver of a chance with my kid’s book, and I cannot risk agents or publishers getting turned off by my adult stuff. My other concern is if I fail at my kid’s books I most definitely will need to get a different job, and can’t have this holding me back. I know Trey has told me even if I shut everything down; I am still at risk of my material coming up. I am just going to need to cross my fingers and hope for the best. I enjoy this blog, but don’t feel it is wise to keep it going. I have a handful of banked posts which I will put up, but after that I will write my final post. I have already shut down my website, and taken all my books off the market, I figure this is the next logical step to take. I do appreciate all those who took the time to read my stuff, and join in on the conversation. This has been a great experience for me.

I am going to take these last few posts to decide if I should start a new blog under a pen name, but it has taken me over a year to build up my readership I am not sure I want to start from scratch. With that said I hope you all enjoy my last few posts, and again thank you for reading.

About The Random Artist

When I started writing in this blog years ago I used my real name, “My Decent into Madness” was just published and my publisher wanted me to use this blog to help promote the book. Unfortunately due to my writing style and content I had to start using a pen name. What I was writing about was causing a lot of problems in my life, and was/would interfere with all of the positive things I was working on. I did not want the non-profit organization, and my children’s books to be negatively judged when someone googled my name. With that being said if you are one of my regulars you may have already noticed the change in my pen name along with a complete overhaul of this blog in general. The change was necessary to match the name of my company. I hate trying to write about myself unless it is relevant in one of my daily musings. I find this process extremely challenging, for example I have yet to complete my bio on my company website. It is odd because I consider myself a confessional writer, so this shit is supposed to be easy. My site can be summed up in one word… Random. I have no set theme or structure it just is. With the million things going on in my head I just grab something and go with it. I enjoy philosophy, theology, poetry, tattoos, art, drawing, painting, sociology, political science, and the overall pursuit of wisdom and knowledge. I have written four books, and was lucky enough to have one published. Along with writing I have begun selling my art which you can find at:

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  1. I guess I’m not one to have an opinion since I never actually began a writing career, but couldn’t you write your children’s books under another name, and still continue blogging? I’m going out on a limb here, but I think you really enjoy blogging and it’s your outlet. If that’s the case don’t give it up, or you’ll be selling yourself short.

  2. You know, Tim, there is another option. If you are interested, you could keep this blog going and make it by invite only. That would provide you with an ongoing “adult” outlet, but would keep the content away from prying eyes.

    The drawback to such a strategy is that your readership would be limited and wouldn’t have much of an opportunity to grow.

    • What I am thinking of doing is starting another blog under a pen name, and do a post just saying I have moved to X. I would leave it up for two weeks so my regular readers know where I went. I feel bad because I have not been posting.

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