Where Have I Been

Posted: March 28, 2016 in Random Thoughts
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I cannot figure out why I feel terror when I think about writing this post. It has been so long since I have posted anything, yet so much has transpired during the hours spanning from then to now. Fuck to be honest with you time for me is irrelevant. Time seems as unstable as my mind, which comforts me.

I am currently touring with Wizard World in their artist alley. I have done two shows, and my third one will be in St. LOUIS next weekend. My first show in Cleveland was a disaster, almost stopping the dream in its track. My investor became nervous, and I knew my next show in Vegas was going to be a rough show.

The show in Vegas was never meant to make money it was about creating happy memories between Cole and I. I wanted her to remember a better me. We hit every possible road block along the way, yet we made Vegas the best show I have ever had.

I promised myself I would finish off this tour to see where we are in surviving and if this dream is a bust or not. If this fails I worked as hard as I could and tried to make something better. I figured after Vegas things were over, but I am lucky to at least do one more show. If I can’t get the crucial things done to create a strong foundation than this will fail.

I have overhauled this blog, and my goal is to have the postings organized and incorporate writing via this forum again. Trying to start a vlog  to promote my Where The Visual and The Verbal Become One Collection, as well as the publication The Alpha of My Omega four part poetry series. Still trying to build complete website and continue to tour and maintain my false sanity

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