The Lies We Say To Get Through The Day

Posted: May 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

There are no lies greater or more devastating than the ones we tell to ourselves. I could go one way and discuss the subconscious lies we tell ourselves to maintain social order, this would be a great philosophy post. I am going to isolate this concept to individuals who suffer some sort of mental illness.

I have experienced many of the self lies leading to rides in Crazy Land, some more tolerable than others. In the here and now the lies to try and cope with my reality is only making it worse. When I wake up in the morning and getting through the day is a living nightmare, yet I will tell myself it is impossible things will get worse… yet I said the same thing yesterday and yes indeed things can get worse. I can’t believe this lie enough anymore

  1. Mette says:

    Well, yes, you can think that way, or… You can think: When Life closes a door, it opens a window… And then zombies climb in and eat you… And laugh a little

  2. Michael says:

    Hi there.. I think it is not really a “lie”… It is just a positive thinking. You can’t really know if things can go worse… You hope they won’t. You promise yourself they won’t. But they do sometimes.. But it is still ok … Because sometimes we are right and sometimes we are wrong… It is not lying but fighting… And instead of hating this way of fighting, you can try loving it… You can earn strength from your everyday fighting and hoping… Because maybe it doesnt matter how many times we fall but how many times we stand again… in the end, you dont need something to believe to. You need to fight for something you want to happen… Could you share what your nightmare is all about (if not i totally understand)

    • Michael,

      Thank you for the comment. Although I do have nightmares when I am asleep they are nothing compared to the nightmares of reality. If it were possible to put my waking nightmare into described words would take many posts to try and work that shit out in my own head. My hopes are my funeral Playlist I have put together will provide some insight into this enigma.

      • Michael says:

        And is there not any way to “see through” those nightmares or maybe pass by them without really giving a sh1t.. I am sorry if i am invading in personal areas.. Just trying to figure out :$ You cannot do something about your sleeping nightmares but the choices are yours as far as reality is concerned.. Is there not really any other choice than just waiting.? :$ Not trying to criticize you at all .. :$ Have a good nightmarish day 🙂 :$

  3. Criticism is encouraged here. I will have to write several posts to put the complete puzzle together. When I am unable to put the puzzle together properly things get some little…

  4. Michael says:

    I guess it is from these thousand-pieces puzzles that take so much time even to start solving… Im of the opinion that when you cannot keep solving your big, hard puzzle, take some time to enjoy yourself (jogging, walking alone in the city or outdoors, talking with people – as we do now-, writting poetry, studying a science, play music, swimming or really anything you enjoy even a little bit..) When you come back to the puzzle, it will seem easier for a while 🙂 And it’s not about lying to yourself.. it’s giving yourself some time :$ Michael

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