Funeral Playlists

Posted: May 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

A thought came to me during one of my darkest days, I wanted to create my own funeral playlist. This particular thought was not a revelation it is a fleeting thought I have had many times before, but for some reason this went beyond fleeting. I was fixated on finally creatung this crucial task. I felt that beyond the words in my books, this playlist would be my grandfinally.

I listened through all my songs quickly adding any song that spoke to me. Once this initial playlist was complete I went back and listened to each song, I took out any song which didn’t fit.

The strongest anchor forcing me to fight for life are leaving behind words or feelings unsaid; I have tried my best to explain my pain hoping the ones I love would sign off on this. Every song on my funeral playlist is a message, explanation, or words of farewell. Knowing my brain functions differently than most, I have always gone back and forth on playing the song along with its meaning. I wasn’t sure which would be better writing the posts and schedule a future date for people to read, but this seems cruel. As long as my mind allows it I may post the most important ones on another day.

  1. Michael says:

    Is the “Final Cut” from Pink Floyd included. ?? I liked ypur post about it..! and i also like Pink Floyd alot.. waiting for your posting about your songs..!

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