“Why is my funeral playlist so important to you?”

Posted: August 19, 2016 in Finalized Funeral Playlist
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This was the question my therapist asked me when I told her about posting the songs I want played ar my Let’s Get Stoned and Listen to meaningful music chill service. This of course my working title. I would never want a funeral in a church, frankly I don’t think God would approve it anyway. I also don’t want a depressing wear black hand out stupid lies about how much of a good person I was. I just want to be cremated or mummified so I could be used as a Halloween decoration. I certainly do not want a sign in book, I think that ends up being the final truth when you have 10 people sign it. I am way of topic, but she asked me if I had ever talked to anyone about how I want things to be handled if I were to die of natural causes or by Suicide I didn’t really know butt it is now listed here that those are my wishes. All that is needed are my 4 books and a list of specific version of songs to be played and people will know everything and be happy.

So back to why it is so important to me to have my funeral playlist posted on my block. I told her that I have been working on my funeral playlist for quite some time because the last thing I want is for another person to choose which music is perfect. 

I am aware that’s if I were to put the songs on the computer or a USB drive or throw it on the God damn cloud there is no guarantee that the songs will be used, but having actual proof and the actual songs I want played posted for all to see then hopefully whoever is putting together the music is using the right songs. If for some reason things still weren’t done correctly I can leave knowing that it is out there exactly as it should be. 

We talked about my dilemma of if I should or should not explain the meaning symbolism and all that shit behind one song or should I just leave it as is and let those listening 2 interpret it themselves. I am still on the fence butt what I took away from my therapist was it should be left without an explanation. But again the one thing my therapist knows about me is how important it is for me to say everything that needs to be said before I go she also knows do to the strong emotions I have on anything symbolic she knows bats there is always something I am using as a time frame to end it. I thought about that for a moment and I believe my time frame will be when my funeral playlist has been completely recorded.

I know this should have been posted prior to posting two of the songs I wanted played it probably like most things didn’t make any sense. 

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